The Corner Beer Pub: Giving a Whole New Identity to BP

L-R: Original owner of the service station, Bette Knight (co-owner of the bar) and the current owner of the building, Corner Beer Pub, Broadway and Jackson, Knoxville, May 2012

I have to apologize for not getting to this sooner. I’d heard a pizza or beer place might be opening in the old service station at the corner of Broadway and Jackson, but somehow I missed it when the Corner Beer Pub (Corner BP) actually opened. Subsequently, when I passed by and realized it had happened I intended to walk over and see what it was all about. I just never quite made it. Until now.

Corner Beer Pub, Broadway and Jackson, Knoxville, May 2012

As you approach, there is no mistaking what you are looking at: an old service station. Still, there are things that don’t quite fit, like picnic tables where gas pumps used to sit. Inside you’ll find table tops resting on the hydraulic lifts where car used to be hoisted. The huge doors to the car bays are raised in all but the worst weather giving the illusion that every seat is outside.

Corner Beer Pub, Broadway and Jackson, Knoxville, May 2012

Inside resembles your neighbor’s garage if he converted it to a bar. It’s a pretty bare-bones affair with plenty of reminders of its original purpose. A picture on the wall shows the location in its gasoline heyday. I happened upon the bar when the service station owner, the current owner of the building and one of the owners of the business were present so, of course we had to have a picture for posterity.

Corner Beer Pub, Broadway and Jackson, Knoxville, May 2012

There were two regular customers sipping a beer at the bar when I arrived and they really wanted me to make clear that the Corner BP has awesome happy hour specials: nearly every beer in the row behind the bar is a dollar. The other special which Bette mentioned was that anyone who bikes (as in bicycle, not motorcycle) up to the bar gets fifty cents off each beer – excluding happy hour specials. She said on pretty afternoons they are covered up with bikers.

Corner Beer Pub, Broadway and Jackson, Knoxville, May 2012

They are also open on Sundays if there is a NASCAR race and while they usually open at four, if someone shows up earlier and indicates a thirst, they are happy to open a little early, “as long as it’s OK for me to keep cleaning,” Bette adds.

Corner Beer Pub, Broadway and Jackson, Knoxville, May 2012

So, there you have it: a Corner BP like you may not have seen before. If you like a casual atmosphere and a wide range of low-priced beers, this is your place. They also have a couple of beers on tap and light pub fare (pizza and barbecue) to take care of what ails you and Bette is so friendly that it was only after agreeing to pose for a picture that she asked, “and who are you?”



  1. Well, you had me at the picture of PBR — husband Bert’s fave beer! And since he works at the Habitat Thrift Store on Central, he just may have to stop by this gas-station-turned-beer-pub soon! Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks for the heads up Urbanguy, I’ve been wanting to go to this place since they first announced the concept. This reminds me of some of the cooler venues I’ve visited in Asheville. I hope the place takes off, I’ll be visiting soon (so many places to visit: Flats and Taps, Sky, Suttree’s, and the list grows on and on and on and on).

  3. Great post! I’m glad to know they’re there.

  4. tthurman says

    Hey, it’s Frank! I parked at that station for for quite a while, back when parking was really tough here downtown. I hated to see Frank’s go, and have always thought that location had a lot of potential for numerous things, but apparently a rental car place isn’t one of them! I’ll have to stop by after work on day and enjoy some happy hour specials.

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