Various Building Projects Updates (and a musical note or two for the weekend)

I’m posting a few pictures I’ve taken recently of the various construction projects in the area of Market Square. Serious progress seems to be happening at 36 Market Square and at the Arnstein Building, in particular. Let’s work south to north:

Sidewalk on Union – Getting Closer to pedestrian friendly

The sidewalk beside the Miller’s Building is looking pretty good. More progress has been made since this picture, but work inside the building continues and the various construction paraphernalia is still sitting about.

Arnstein Building about three weeks ago

Arnstein Building with new windows

Also on Union Avenue, the Arnstein Building got its windows recently and while they don’t protrude quite as far into the sidewalk as they used to, they are similar in style. I was excited to hear at the recent CBID meeting that there will be additional street-level commercial space available beyond that which Ruby Tuesday’s plans to use for their Mexican grill.

Massive scaffolding on Gay Street

Around the corner on Gay Street, the conversion of the S and W into a beauty school continues, though the interior looks like a restaurant disguised mildly as something else. The lighting everyone seemed to have loathed is still in place. Just down the street across from Downtown Grill and Brewery is the most massive array of scaffolding I’ve ever seen in Knoxville. I can’t tell that the building has changed, but it sure is covered in metal piping.

Work on the back of 36 Market Square

Side of 36 Market Square with new brick, but no Blue Circle Burger sign

Interior of 36 Market Square taking shape

Finally, 36 Market Square has come a long way recently. A lot of work has been done on the back (alley) side and the Wall Avenue side has bricks and glass. I miss the Circle Burger sign, but I’m sure a certain someone has it stashed away. There is one side entry, only, so that’s different than before. It’s hard to picture what the final product will be, but I’m hoping there is a store front on the Market Square side and the Wall Avenue side. It would be the only business (besides the TVA Credit Union) on a street that used to be bustling. What I really need, of course, is a guided tour so I could report the details accurately and completely. (Thousandth hint) You can get occasional updates and pictures of the project here.

It’s interesting that, with Market Square being the current hub of downtown, three corners are currently vacant. I’ve heard nothing to indicate that the corners will have businesses any time soon. It will be a red-letter day for me when Market Square is fully occupied and Union Avenue is construction-free. I know Union Avenue has had construction of some sort for two years. It would be a Jack Neely question as to the last time Market Square was fully occupied.

There are a couple of musical events I’d like to give particular mention to. One is called “Rock and Roll Velodrome,” and it happens at Barley’s starting at 3:00 on Saturday and running until 1:00 Sunday morning. Bands will play both outside and inside and particularly I’d be looking to catch Greg Horne, The Tim Lee 3 and Senryu. The cover is $10 and the money goes to cover medical expenses for Steve Hancock a local musician and cyclist who was struck by a car in May. The other musical event that seems pretty significant to me is the Royal Bangs playing two shows at the Pilot Light. Unfortunately, the two events are not only on the same block, they are head-to-head. I’ve got to find out why the buzz is so great for the Royal Bangs, but I really want to go to the other show. Maybe I’ll see you at both.