Knoxville Through the Eyes of a Child

Vegetables at the Market Square Farmers’ Market

This weekend promised to be packed with Urban goodness. When Saturday arrived, crisp and cool, and Urban Toddler made the scene, we set out for some large fun. I get a bit frustrated when I hear people say that they would love to live downtown, but what kind of place is it for children? Well, let me tell you about Saturday as an example.

Market Square Farmers’ Market on a cool Saturday morning

The first stop along the way had to be the Market Square Farmer’s Market. Urban Toddler loves picking out the vegetables as she cruises in her stroller or runs about. This week was about the flowers. Her stroller was all decked out. She also loved the blueberries when they were in. Last week she ate over half a pound while we were out. She also wanted a cool apple cider in the little plastic apple and a confection from Rick’s Breads.

Urban Toddler and Urban Daughter in the Sunsphere

From that point decisions had to be made. Krutch Park offered a cook-off with local chefs using ingredients from the Market. It was tauted by brochure pushing teenagers promoting the family-friendly atmosphere and children’s activities. That has to be the choice, right? But wait – what about story time at Union Avenue Books at 11:00?

World’s Fair Park Playground

More friends: More Fun

We left it up to the little princess-in-waiting and she picked “none of the above.” She decided she’d rather go to the playground at the World’s Fair Park where she had a blast. Excellent choice. We did manage a stop along the way to ride the elevator to the top of the sunsphere and look out at the city from the observation deck. It’s free and open most of the time. At the playground she was joined by another half-dozen or more urban children, while others frolicked in the large fountains.

Urban Toddler loves the slide: World’s Fair Park

After that it was Urban Naptime followed by a certain football game of interest. The day was capped off by a birthday party for B.B. King who turned 86 this week. This particular Urban Toddler’s favorite book is “One Shoe Blues” by Mr. King. She often insists that we play his music on the ipod and she was majorly bummed that B.B. did not show up for his own party. After her bath she regained her mojo in time to dance into the night to the sweet sounds of the blues.

Not Happy: B.B. King didn’t show up for his party!

So, the day was a smashing success downtown for one Urban Toddler. Others probably enjoyed the children’s activities in Krutch Park, caught story time at Union Avenue Books and rocked some serious fountain time when the afternoon grew warmer. Many of them probably caught the free family-friendly movie on Market Square the night before. Not a bad warm-up weekend as the little tykes get pumped for next week’s Hola Festival.

Dancin’ to the Blues