More Pictures Waiting for a Blog to Happen

Here are a few others to clean out the photographic cupboard as June drifts away. For the people who read the blog for the articles – sort of like Playboy, right? – we’ll get back to that soon enough. First, here are a few more interesting images that just didn’t find their text.

Prom Couple

Prom season always provides its own style of entertainment. Some of the dresses and tuxes are gorgeous and some are, well, a little outlandish for my taste. Some of the couples are beautiful with their eyes aglow with the sheer magnitude of the possibilities. Bless their hearts.

Jimmy Hyams and partner broadcasting from the Square.

I don’t know how many of you follow college football (if your pulse just quickened like mine at the combination of those two words, you may be an addict.), but if you do, you probably know this guy. I don’t listen to local sports talk, but Jimmy Hyams is one of the most authoritative and knowledgeable people in the universe on Southeastern Conference football.

Hoopers and Dancers on the Square
Dancing, happy, innocent children on the Square.

We should probably all dance more. I’d love to be as uninhibited as these children who were dancing for the complete joy of the movement. “May your heart always be joyful.” – Bob Dylan –

Time Traveler on Wall Avenue

I’m not sure why this guy struck me quite like he did, but longtime readers of this blog know that I can tell a time traveler when I see one. Is that a butternut colored Civil War era top and hat. I think so.

Joy in the fountain, Market Square, May 2011

I love when the fountain gets fired up each spring. Like dancing to music, it’s another way children – and not a few adults – lose their reserve and get their inner child groove on.

Child offering a drink to Jake

I watched this happen from the bench with Bill (the same stop that gave me the pictures of the girls from the other post). The boy filled his bucked with water from the fountain and unbidden by anyone, came over and offered his bucket to Jake who didn’t seem to mind the chlorine at all.

Isn’t spring in the city awesome?