Pictures Waiting for a Blog to Happen

I’ve gotten to that point, again. I’ve got some pictures from around the city that haven’t found a blog they want to attach to, so I’m going to spin them out over a couple of posts. Sometimes I think people mostly look at the pictures, anyway, so here you go, some I really liked and I hope you might, as well.

Mama and baby doves outside my home downtown. Same spot as last year.

When you think of the sounds of the city, you probably don’t conjure doves cooing in your mind, do you? We hear them all the time in our condo. Now you know: move to the city for the bird sounds.

Solar Powered Garbage Can

Did you ever notice this? I realized that a garbage can near me on Market Square boasted a flashing light. Why does a trash can need a flashing light? I investigated and found it is a solar compactor. It has a tiny solar panel on the top. I assume it compacts the trash using the solar power. That’s pretty upscale for a garbage can.

Tarot cards, anyone?

Actually, I’m not sure what this man was doing, but I guessed it was reading the cards for anyone who was interested – and had a little cash. He left before I got up my nerve to investigate more closely. It does raise a question: If he can see the future in the cards shouldn’t he have known that no one would take him up on the offer? Just wondering.

The Art Market, 422 South Gay Street, Knoxville

I don’t think I’ve mentioned the Art Market or if I have, it’s overdue for a remention. I took this picture just before Mother’s Day. Why do I remember that detail? Because that’s where I did my shopping for the special day. They really have wonderful art from the modestly priced to the more expensive and you are certain to get something unique.

Friends posing on the Square, Knoxville, May 2011

Beautiful Girls on the Square

I was sitting with Bill and Jake in their normal spot across from the alley between the Square Room and Tomato head when these ladies stood in front of us are started posing. What’s a middle-aged blogger to do?