Amy Black and Jailbox on the Blue Plate Special

Amy Black, WDVX Blue Plate Special, Knoxville, July 2011

I got a chance to attend the Blue Plate Special recently and listen to great music by Amy Black and Jailbox in a double bill. As always, listening to a live broadcast of music on WDVX at noon in downtown Knoxville is always a treat and one of the things that is very unique about our little city.

Amy Black, Knoxville, July 2011

Amy Black with Nick Nguyen, Knoxville, July 2011

Amy Black is a soulful young singer whose blues-infused country music is informed by her powerful vocals. Currently based in New England, Amy spent her childhood in Alabama, so she comes by her country roots honestly. While her music may sound more similar to alt-country performers such as Kasey Chambers, she’s not afraid to pull out a little Loretta Lynn, which she did to great effect during the show. Backed by Bonepony guitarist Nick Nguyen, Amy’s usual full-band set was softened a bit and it was the ballads that really got me, like Whiskey and Wine from her most recent album One Time which is featured in the video below.

Jailbox, WDVX Blue Plate Special, Knoxville, July 2011
Jailbox, Knoxville, July 2011

Jailbox is a two-man group from Missouri. They are currently on a tour that will continue as long as their van survives (or so they said). Their music is delicate, acoustic and reminiscent to me of the Civil Wars. Their website mentions Iron and Wine and Ryan Adams: both influences shine through. Built on harmonies and subtle melodies, the duo is at their best when singing counter-harmonies. Their latest EP is Empty Rooms. I particularly like the song below.