2011 Children’s Festival of Reading

Children’s Festival of Reading, World’s Fair Park, Knoxville
Drama in Amphitheater, Children’s Festival of Reading, Knoxville

Friends of the Library, Children’s Festival of Reading, Knoxville

Knoxville has a world-class children’s reading festival sponsored each May in World’s Fair Park by the Knox County Public Library. This year’s festival was as incredible as always, covering the entire park and attracting thousands of children and parents.

Characters from Children’s Books mixed and mingled

Very animal friendly event

Robert Sabuda (pop-up book author), Grace Lin (Newbery honor winner), Patricia McKissack (one of the most famous illustrators in the world) and Bill Harley (double Grammy-winning story teller), and many other authors, illustrators and story-tellers entertained the children.

Balloon Animals drew a line of children

Children’s Festival of Reading, Knoxville

Children’s Festival of Reading, Knoxville

The entertainment also included dramatic presentations, music, face-painting and crafts. Tents and booths sponsored by Friends of the Library, Ijams, the Knoxville Zoo and many other groups added to the festive atmosphere and educated the children while entertaining them. Food, healthy and not, was offered along the southern perimeter of the festival and music was everywhere.

Crafts at the Children’s Festival of Reading, Knoxville

Wendy? I’m not sure.

South American Story Teller, Children’s Festival of Reading

So, to review you have books, food and music. Other than an occasional nap, that’s really about all you need for happiness in this world. It’s great that this event is sponsored in Knoxville. I cannot imagine a parent not putting this on their calendar every year.

Sabrina at the Ijam’s Booth

Face Painted, Children’s Festival of Reading, Knoxville

Cheap Books: Friends of the Library, Children’s Festival of Reading

I also love it when parallel events happen that attract so many people. The Market Square Farmer’s Market was packed just a few blocks away. I hope some of the families venture over for that gathering, as well. It can’t hurt to cross-pollinate some of the crowds that hang out downtown. The danger is, of course, it might make for a whole new crop of residents. It happened to me: it could happen to you. Better watch out!

I have no idea – but it’s colorful! Children’s Festival of Reading

Two, too precious