Urban Mystery Picture #9, #9, #9 (Beatles joke, sorry)

Well, I continue to be mystified by the photographs that mystify the Urban Nation and those that are simple. I figured the one I posted two weeks ago would be difficult, and Chad figured it out immediately. Of course, I posted David’s photo instead of Chad’s initially (my bad, Chad). I was certain that I was too obvious last week and someone would immediately get it – and we never had a winner. “Anonymous” guess at the corner of Haight and Ashbury and it is possible this particular window decoration could be found there, but alas, this is not San Francisco (in case any of you wondered). So, here’s the picture from last week:

Urban Mystery Picture #8

I figured it would be easy for a couple of reasons: First, what residents in the city would be cool enough to have a Grateful Dead hanging for their curtain? Old City residents, obviously. And second, I had just published a series of posts about Jackson Avenue and I figured someone would put that together. But no. It hangs in a window on the southern side of the 100 block of E. Jackson

So, still looking for that sweet spot in which the picture isn’t identified in the first twelve seconds, but after some thought and discussion is pegged by about next Wednesday, here is this week’s edition. I’m going to give you two to play with of the same place. The first one is for advanced players, so if you want to only look at the first one and see what you can do, fine. The second is, I think a little more user friendly.

Remember, to win you need to be the first to correctly identify the photograph in the comments below AND you have to e-mail me at KnoxvilleUrbanGuy@gmail.com. I’ll be in touch and we’ll talk after that. In the meantime, everybody try to avoid the heat. Good Luck!

Urban Mystery Picture #9

 Are you sure you don’t want to stop here and try to solve it with the advanced clue? OK, here goes . . .

Urban Mystery Picture #9.1

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