Urban Mystery Picture #7

Well this week gave us a first. No one guessed the correct answer to Urban Mystery Picture #6. It was a particularly interesting brick design on the side of a building and there are so many of those around downtown it must be difficult to remember where we may have seen a particular pattern. Or do we take them for granted? As new buildings rise around the city with little or none of this turn-of-the-century flourish, we might come to appreciate them more.

So here is what baffled everyone:

Urban Mystery Picture #6

It may be that the difficulty was also increased because it may be out of the typical pathways many of us tend to routinely follow. Here’s the bigger picture and the answer:

Fraternal Order of Eagles, Across from Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Located at Walnut and Vine, it isn’t even one of our extraordinary buildings, but the brick work is pretty cool. We’ll have to brush up on our brickwork more later. For now, we’ll leave that and return very much to the beaten path. See if you can identify the location of the photograph below. Remember, to win you have to be the first to post the correct answer in the comments below AND you have to e-mail me at KnoxvilleUrbanGuy@gmail.com. Good luck (and be brushing up on your brick-work!)

Urban Mystery Picture #7