Breaking News: Market Square Kitchen Closes

Market Square Kitchen, 1 Market Square, Knoxville, 2004 – 2011

 I don’t usually do more than one blog a day – simply because I have an actual life, but this couldn’t really wait. I’ll do my regular blog tomorrow, but for now I wanted to get the word out that Market Square Kitchen officially closed and cleared out the last of their tables, chairs and other items today. It had occupied that spot since 2004 when it replaced the Soup Kitchen. The business may reappear, but not in downtown Knoxville.

1 Market Square, Knoxville, Empty, April 26, 2011

It appears a new tenant will be forthcoming and the restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and will be directly affiliated with the new Hotel St. Oliver. At the moment, that leaves one new business, an empty building, an empty store-front and a soon-to-be-closed store-front on the four corners of Market Square. The situation won’t last, of course, but it is striking to consider since those are four of the premier addresses on the square.

1 Market Square, Knoxville, April 26, 2011

I’ll have more details as part of a downtown business update on Friday. Check back then for more. Now: back to our regular programming.