Blight? We’ve got blight.

Corner of Summer Place and Locust, Knoxville, December 2010

It was interesting to read the article on blight in the Knoxville News Sentinel. According to the map provided, there are no blighted properties in downtown. Of course, there are many blighted properties in our area – buildings that are abandoned and in need of rescue, rubble and holes where buildings used to sit.

Former basement, corner of Summer Place and Locust, Knoxville

The area around Commerce and State Street would be one example. Another, which I see quite often is also one of the most photographed spots around. What makes blight interesting? I’m not sure. Intuitively I understand that the potential for good photographs is there, but in the end it is blight, after all.

Corner of Summer Place and Locust, Knoxville

I hate to take anything from the local photographers – or taggers – but I wouldn’t mind seeing the city clean up this spot at the corner of Summer Place and Locust. When I first moved downtown I was told that the building which used to occupy the spot was slated for demolition which was delayed until the city forced the owner’s hand. After demolition, the rubble stayed in place until the city exerted more pressure. I think it might be time for the city to request that the hole be filled. Sorry local shutterbugs.

Corner of Locust and Summer Place, Knoxville, December 2010