Michael Knight at the Laurel Theater

Michael Knight speaks to the Knoxville Writer’s Guild.

At the November meeting of the Knoxville Writer’s Guild, local favorite and nationally known author Michael Knight read from his book The Typist and talked about its genesis. Better known for his short stories, several of which have appeared in the New Yorker,

Michael Knight reads from The Typist.

Mr. Knight attempted to write a novel about post-World War II, occupied Japan. While at a speaking engagement in Gainesville, Florida, he happened to meet a man who was a typist for General McArthur during that time in Japan and suddenly, the story he wanted to write became a much more personal story of a single person and those around him during this epic historical event. The result is a highly acclaimed novel.

It’s certainly worth checking out. While you are at it, you might take on his short stories, which I highly recommend. I greatly enjoyed Goodnight, Nobody.Mr. Knight is origninally from Mobile, Alabama (a good place to be from) and is currently a professor in the creative writing program at UT.

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