These Eyes Have Seen Alot . . .

I generally try to pass on some of what I notice on First Friday and this month I bypassed that and went directly into the heavy series of posts about panhandling, so I’ve decided to loop back and catch a few interesting moments from that chilly evening. The temperatures must have kept people away because after two of the largest consecutive First Fridays the previous two months, this one was pretty sparse as those things go.

Friendly Bird Outside Soccer Taco, Knoxville, November 2010

One of the charms of downtown Knoxville is that while we are big enough to display the hustle and bustle of  a city, we are also small enough to slow down and be human. Or maybe it doesn’t matter where you are, people sometimes stop long enough to notice the little things. The small bird and the two attending it are pictured in the entrance to Soccer Taco. I think it was eating food that they placed on the sidewalk.

Beer-hats for sale at Fizz, Market Square, Knoxville

In August I blogged about the Indie Grrls festival that settled into Knoxville for a few days. One of the photographs in that blog showed a woman wearing a slip on the outside of her clothes, talking to a local man who was wearing a beer box on his head. I’ve seen him since  and he continues to wear a beer box on his head. Now I have evidence that a behavior which seems extreme in July can become mainstream by November. That’s right: You may also now proudly wear your favorite beer on your head. The beer box hats are available in several brands for purchase at Fizz. Now if I start seeing multiple people wearing beer box hats I’m going to know I live with a bunch of crazy people.

John Black (center with shiny head) hosts Open House

Finally, that night offered open house at John Black Studios in the Daylight Building. Steady crowds worked through the new business looking at the beautiful photographs while enjoying cupcakes from Magpies. You really should drop by and look at the photographs and talk to Amanda and John about getting a few photos of your own. Also opening to meet the public, if not to open the store, Kristen Faerber greeted well-wishers next door at Just Ripe, which hopefully will open in the next few weeks.

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