Man Versus Food to Run a Knoxville Episode

This is a bit of a departure for this blog, but I received a very nice e-mail today from Elyse Heslin of the Travel Channel. She informed me that Knoxville will be featured in an episode of Man vs. Food to air tomorrow night. In case you aren’t familiar with the program, it involves the host, Adam Richman, traveling across the country taking on some of the most famous food challenges that various restaurants have to offer. The Travel Channel will air the Knoxville episode will at 9:00 PM, October 13.

Here’s the description of the Knoxville restaurants and challenges awaiting Adam in this episode:

“Adam’s culinary quest takes him to the home of the University of Tennessee’s flagship campus, Knoxville, Tennessee. At his first stop, Adam visits Ye Olde Steakhouse for some of the best and biggest barbecue in the ‘Ville. At this carnivore’s paradise, no amount of meat is out of the question! With that in mind, Adam tries a real “meat mecca”–a 60 ounce New York strip steak–flame broiled and charred to perfection. Next at Dixson’s Bar-B-Que, Adam finds that Knoxville’s one-of-a-kind sandwich is pure goodness. Dixson’s signature pig burger is made with juicy pork patties (made with rib trimmings), steamed onions, and legendary sweet and hot barbecue sauce.

Finally Adam is looking for a sweet “W” at Sweet P’s Barbecue and Soul House as he prepares to take on the Gigante Burrito Challenge. This mouth watering hybrid is an accented barbecue line-up with some real Tex Mex inspired flare. The burrito is filled with cheese, barbecue sauce, coleslaw, white and pinto beans, chopped pork, and is wrapped in four tortillas (this burrito is a two man job to roll up!). As part of the challenge, Adam will also have to polish off a half pound of mac and cheese, and a half pound of banana pudding. Weighing in at over five pounds, no one has ever completed this challenge!”

So, there you have it. It’s a fun show and it will be nice to see some Knoxville sights getting a little airtime. I’ll leave you with the promo video that features Sweet P’s. Roll with the humor a bit. It seems a little stereotypical, but that’s just his version of fun.

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