"They’re Making Movies on Location"

“Making movies on location
In the heat of the sun
It’s a groovy occupation
For everyone, everyone, everyone
Action, action, making movies – take one”
“Making Movies” – Dire Straits –

I recently stumbled upon a movie production crew on the 400 block of Gay Street, and found them the next day on the 500 block. The movie is called “The Appointment” and it is being produced by Lost Sheep Productions, and filmed on location in Knoxville.

The website states, “The Appointment,” is a film, about a businessman that is unknowingly living the last few hours of his life, and is presented with two choices that will determine the outcome of his future forever.” It sounds good to me and it was fun watching them film.

The only other information I got was that it is to be released directly to DVD. The website is pretty short on information, but it does include some shots (if you look closely) of downtown Knoxville. Enjoy the pictures and remember you heard it here, first!