It’s Still not a Golden Arch, but it is a Mystery Solved!

You may have read my blog from July 27 regarding the mystery of the origin of the arch in the picture above. As the title to the post indicated, I suspected it was a  case for Ask Doc Knox. Well, my faith was well founded. The mystery has been solved by the all-knowing one. If you didn’t read the original post, go to the link above and read it before you read any further.

I’m waiting for the new readers to return. . .

Now I’m going to give you a choice. If you want the full and eloquent version of the answer before I ruin it for you click here. If you want my watered down version, keep reading. This is a spoiler alert. You have read the original post, right?

Still with me? OK, the building at 2 Market Square was probably built in the 1880’s. It was never considered a remarkable building and was eventually covered over in the 1950’s to make it look “modern.” After the covering was removed and the “Mall” era was in swing for Market Square, an architect suggested many ideas to make the building more interesting. The arch was the only one the owner would allow. It was added in the 1980’s.

So now we know. We’ve solved the mystery of the Blackberry Car and the TreeGator and now the lonely arch. What other mysteries lurk downtown that beg for our attention?