A Homecoming at the The Corner Lounge

It was one of those special Knoxville nights. You know the kind: Great people you know gather with new friends to celebrate something essential to our city. Music is one of the ways we make this happen. Last Friday night at the Corner Lounge was one of those very special moments. The announced show featured, […]

The Corner Lounge is Open!

Steve Brandon and John Harbison announced plans last June to bring Knoxville’s iconic Corner Lounge back to 842 N. Broadway. The building sat empty and the roads and sidewalks out front were overrun with machinery and rubble as the city worked on the street. It was a bit hard to picture the vision they held […]

The Corner Lounge is Returning to Its Original Location!

When Steve Brandon and John Harbison talk about their plans to bring back the Corner Lounge in its original home at 842 North Central, the excitement comes through in everything they say. Steve said, “The idea is to bring back the original vibe.” He clarified that perhaps without some of the seedier elements of some […]