COVID-19 Update: 9/18/2020 State, Local, K.C. Schools and UT (Plus the UT Briefing)

It’s the weekend. I hope you all find time to relax and get away from the news. It appears we will get more football this weekend, so maybe watch some of that, if its your thing, and mute the political ads. Urban Girl is now officially front-seat-legal, so she has requested her first ride be […]

Monthly COVID-19 Charts, Dr. Birx Visits and More

There is only so much I can pack into my afternoon articles, so with Dr. Birx’ visit to Tennessee, yesterday, and the requests I’ve received for monthly charts, I decided to take this morning to discuss the visit and to introduce the charts that I’ve put together. Some readers felt that since we’ve made it […]

COVID-19: 6/5/2020 Update (Including Today’s Health Department Briefing)

It’s the weekend. I hope that still means something to most of us. For me, it brings a little break from the two articles a day and a chance to have a little down time. Please enjoy your weekend safely. I was asked, again, this morning when I was going to start having articles about […]