More Questions Answered and an Odd Real Estate Pitch

Answers always net new questions on this blog, which is a good thing. Knoxville has a lot of balls in the air at once and I don’t mean the iconic kind. There’s a lot going on here and you all are all about it. So, let’s look at some of the questions from yesterday and […]

A Parking App is Available and More Spaces Are Coming: A Downtown Parking Update

Very early in my stint as a downtown blogger I was told by a city official that parking was a never-ending conversation in every city. Obviously, it was true. We were talking about downtown parking in 2010 when I started this blog and the topic just keeps on giving. I think many people have realized […]

Bridges, Roads and Garages, Oh My! Heads Up on What’s Coming Your Way

To put a spin on the cliche, in the end, all news is good news – at least in this case, but in the meantime there’s likely to be a price to pay for the improvements coming to the downtown area, but for now, we may need to brace ourselves. The first item on the […]

Lots of Little Downtown Updates

Sometimes it just seems time to catch up and to catch our collective breath. The truth is so many thing are happening so fast in downtown Knoxville that they can’t all have a devoted article. As I’ve done for a long time, I also think it’s important to acknowledge developments first reported elsewhere so that […]

State Street Garage Is Open for Business – and Nearly Finished

  It is surprising when I consider that the State Street Parking Garage has been underway for over a year. This doesn’t include the planning stage, but it was a year ago July that the plans were discussed at a public meeting. Rick Emmett led the meeting and gave detail explanations of the various phases […]