What’s Being Built? How’s It Coming?

Given the intense interest in new construction and some conversations I’ve heard recently indicating people have missed a few construction announcements along the way, it seems helpful to sometimes review some of the projects and report on their progress. So, here, in no particular order are some of the projects which are currently underway along […]

Vienna Coffee Announces an Expansion into Downtown Knoxville

It’s something that has been on John Clark’s radar for a long time. The first time the two of us discussed the possibility was nearly three years ago. Clark, owner and operator of Vienna Coffee, has long wanted a presence in downtown Knoxville, so when the Knoxville Leadership Foundation who own the old Regas Building […]

Moments and Movements Around Town Which Made Me Stop, Take Note and Think

Today I’ve got a bit of random ramblings. I see a lot of things as I walk around town. Some of them don’t fit neatly into an article, but I find them interesting, none-the-less. I probably am spotted on the street staring into the near-distance more often than I’d like to admit. I try to […]

Faris Eid: Lifting Up a City

When it gathers for its annual gala on October 20, the East Tennessee Community Design Center will honor a person who has designed a large percentage of the best renovations and restorations in our city. He’s also designing new construction which will change the face of the city. And he has one of the best […]

Regas Square Project Begins, Inside of Knoxville Takes to the Airwaves

It’s a day for announcements. First, Regas Square, which I first detailed here last October. Read the original article for much greater detail than I’ll give here. The news is that the project, announced nine months ago, is about to get underway. You’ll find their website hereĀ and you’ll see they are now offering pre-sales for […]