Monument Battle Lines Drawn in Knoxville – But Are the Lines Really That Clear?

It’s not a new issue, by any means, and Charlottesville was not the first place it played out. New Orleans recently removed many of the statues commemorating the Confederacy. One constituted a memorial to the white citizens who re-established white control of the city in 1874 in a bloody battle leaving 100 injured or dead. […]

National Election Protests Spread to Knoxville

There’s a lot of raw emotion around the country. It’s a perhaps toxic mix of anger, betrayal, ecstasy, triumph, righteous indignation and confusion. Just less than half the country feels a major point has been made and the country may “right” itself, though the definitions of that concept range widely. Just over half the country […]

Top Articles of 2014, Part 1: #25 – #11

One of my nerdy personality quirks is that I really enjoy statistics. I’ve obsessed at various times over SEC football statistics, music statistics (sales, artist rankings, chart positions) and, obviously,  I now pay attention to Internet statistics particularly as it regards my own site. End-of-the-year lists fascinate me probably too much. So, it’s natural that […]

Ferguson and Related Protests Come to Knoxville

Recently, the racial protests that have spread across the country starting in Ferguson, Missouri  have arrived in Knoxville. The first, after the grand jury declined to indict the police officer who killed Michael Brown, started as a rally at the John Duncan Building, processed along Gay Street, blocking it briefly, before holding another rally on […]

Public Spaces and Private Moments

  One of the qualities of an urban environment that, as far as I know, has failed to be replicated in a suburban environment is that of the common public space. It’s hard to imagine, really, a space formally or informally designated as a public gathering place for expressions relevant to the human condition. Want […]