Busy Weekend Overwhelms Downtown Knoxville

It’s hard to imagine that all the following happened in downtown this weekend: Rappelling off the Langley Building, Dragonboat Races in the Tennessee River, Moonlight Paddleboard Racing in the same river, a history lecture by Jack Neely. What’s harder to imagine is that I didn’t make it to a single one of these or any […]

Blankfest 2015 Blankets Market Square with Tons of Local Goodness

Rusty Odom and Blank Newspaper have, for the second year in a row, put together an incredible celebration of local and regional musicians, comedians and burlesque performers. It’s a continuation of the many years of excellent support the newspaper has given local music and musicians. This past Saturday beginning at 5:00 PM and running to […]

Art, Comedy and a Little Bit More

What you are looking at today are a few of the spots I stopped along the way on Friday night. Crowds seemed oddly sparse, though some of the places I stopped had very big crowds. I’m not including everything from Friday night in this article because some of it had a unifying theme I want […]

Blankfest, Biscuit Fest, Book Fest, Bob Fest: They Just Keep Coming

Residents of downtown Knoxville might be forgiven if they suffer from a little festival fatigue this time of year. We’ve had Earthfest, Outdoorfest, the Dogwood Arts Festival, the Rhythm and Blooms Festival and the Rossini Festival. That’s a festival each for environmentalism, outdoor recreation, the arts, the specific art of music and the specific music […]

Oh, And it was First Friday, too

How could First Friday be secondary to anything else? I remember before I moved downtown about five years ago, that First Friday was the one likely event to bring the family and freinds downtown on a consistent basis. I suspect that is still true for many people. It’s, perhaps, an indication of how far things […]