Scooters: A Week In, What Do You Think?

Well, we’ve had about a week of uninterrupted electric scooters in downtown Knoxville. A lot of people seem to be having a great time on the devices while social media threads and personal conversations I’ve had with downtown residents indicates not everyone is infatuated. Some people come down on both sides – seeing the fun, […]

Interesting Trends in the Urban World

I run across a pretty constant stream of articles related to all things urban. Generally I bookmark them for later use. I’ve often used one or another as a basis for an article about something in Knoxville. For this round, I want to hit you with several. It’s a good way to spot trends and […]

Broadway, We’ve Got Problems

I stretched a little out of my normal coverage zone to attend the meeting to discuss the recommendations of Broadway Corridor Task Force meeting at St. James Episcopal Church on Broadway. I normally cover Broadway up to the spot where it is joined by Hall of Fame. The focus of this meeting was the stretch […]

Walk? Don’t Walk? Get Run Over?

I traveled to Nashville recently and, as is often the case for me, I think about Knoxville in the context of the city I’m visiting. I walked extensively in Nashville, just as I walk extensively in downtown Knoxville. That means dealing with cars and crosswalks. It means jaywalking sometimes and carefully following the rules other […]