Market Square Farmers’ Market, Some Businesses Open, Winners and New Giveaways Announced

This weekend saw the opening of the Market Square Farmers’ Market. A few businesses also opened around downtown, though many either remained closed or continued their carry-out operations. I expect more to open next week and more as we go. There were definitely more people around downtown, but it did not vaguely resemble its pre-corona […]

Market Square Farmer’s Market Moves and Adds New Safeguards (Plus a list of other things you need to know today)

If you’re one of the many Market Square Farmers’ Market fans, you’ve probably started wondering about the plans for the downtown institution that is set to open on May 2. Given our current situation, it’s obvious it cannot currently operate as it has in the past. Nourish Knoxville has released plans to make the market […]

A Blazing Hot Weekend of Blazing Hot Fun

I realize you don’t come here for your weather report but I can’t help myself. The heat is more a personal enemy as I try to walk as much as possible to the places I need or want to go. It hasn’t gotten easier as I’ve gotten older and the temperatures have gotten higher. Thankfully […]

An Urban Weekend in Downtown Knoxville

Sometimes a weekend comes along which encapsulates a large swath of the urban living experience. The simple range of what one encounters in an active downtown area is an attraction in itself. The weekend doesn’t have to include fireworks or festivals. Simple, common experiences cumulatively illustrate why so many of us are attracted to an […]

Good Golly Tamale Opens Storefront

Many of you have enjoyed the tactile pleasure of unwrapping a small taste of heaven purchased from the Good Golly Tamale food cart. Made from organic, non-GMO ingredients, the tamales are of the highest quality ingredients. The taste doesn’t lie: they are spectacular. The business, formed two years ago by friends Chris Watson and Matt […]