Tomorrow Is Election Day. Don’t Feel Ready to Vote? I’ve Got You Covered!

A year has passed since our last national election and that twelve months have been very politically charged. More people seem to be politically engaged across the spectrum via marches, calling senators and representatives and generally making their voices heard. Socially media is filled with political proclamations of various sorts and endless arguments as a […]

Election Prediction: 6th District Primary Will Be Historic!

Downtown is located in the sixth city council district. It’s an oddly shaped district extending far to the east along Magnolia, including downtown and stretching to the west along Sutherland. Neatly carved out exceptions remove Holston Hills and Fourth and Gill (both District Four though everything in between is District Six), Fort Sanders (a weird […]

Complete Streets

I’ve heard the term “complete streets” thrown about, including recently by the Urban Land Institute panel. Shortly after their visit city council scheduled a vote about “complete streets.” I found a couple of links that helped, like this one from Smart Growth America¬†and this one from Streetswiki. I also found a photo album of images […]

Tonight Matters: Let’s Talk Politics

For those of us who love this city, sometimes curse this city and in general care about what happens within its borders, tonight marks an important moment: The city council will vote after a second reading on whether or not to amend the city’s anti-discrimination policy to include prohibitions against discrimination in hiring based on […]