What’s That Glitter at the Keener Building? Glitterville Studios Move to Knoxville!

Development brings new spaces and new life to old spaces. But sometimes the result can be small absences. Missing pieces of the texture that once enriched our lives in small or large ways. One such absence was the closure of Keener Lighting on Broadway. The development of Keener Lofts is great and the building is, […]

Area Preservation Projects and Road Projects Win Awards

Knox Heritage announced its annual East Tennessee Preservation Awards recognizing “outstanding individuals, organizations and projects contributing to the protection of East Tennessee’s heritage.” As is often the case, several awards went to downtown Knoxville projects. Hopefully, word is spreading about the Knoxville History Project‘s fine work. From publications, to talks and downtown art wraps, their […]

Keener Building Opens to Residents

The first residents moved into the near-completed Keener Building this past weekend. While not quite completed – workers were scurrying about at every turn when I visited – the building has experienced a stunning transformation from the tour I took about a year ago. The building’s address is on World’s Fair Park Drive, which runs […]