Clarence Brown Theatre Presents King Charles III

Clarence Brown Theatre’s current production, which opened last night, explores a circumstance which many who follow the British monarchy have long imagined: How might a reign by Prince Charles take shape. When Queen Elizabeth dies and Charles, presumably assumes the throne, how will he be viewed? Will he remain a ceremonial figure like recent Queens […]

The Strangers Pushes Every Boundary, Explores Every Heart: An Interview with Playwright Christopher Oscar Pena

What is the meaning of “home?” Do we ever feel completely loved? Can a relationship make us feel “whole?” How do each of us fit into a swiftly changing world that keeps our place in that world in a constant state of flux? Playwright Christopher Oscar Peña told me that he was given the freedom […]

Titus Andronicus at the Clarence Brown Theatre

Thought to be perhaps William Shakespeare’s first tragedy, Titus Andronicus has not fared well over the years. Often out of fashion and thought to be an inferior work, the play also drew criticism for gratuitous violence. Recent decades have seen a reversal of critical views of the play – perhaps paralleling our increasing tolerance for […]