Bluhen Botanicals Opens Flagship Hemp Location in the Old City

It’s been a dizzying eight months since I first reported that Bluhen Botanicals had launched an ambitious local hemp and CBD operation. Within five months they’d expanded operations and secured a $30 million influx of funding from an international company and their potential reach went world-wide. They are unique in that they control the product […]

Bluhen Botanicals Expands, Gets Major Investment, Announces First Retail Location and Targets Global Markets

It’s a local company that has grown with remarkable speed, which is exactly what co-founder and CEO Joe Fox suggested would happen when the formation of the company was announced. I’m not sure he could have imagined how fast. In the less than six months since that announcement was made, the company has established offices […]

Large Local Hemp CBD Company Announces Operations Near Downtown Knoxville

As momentum has spread nationally to legalize medical marijuana and, in some cases recreational marijuana, distinctions have also begun to be recognized between marijuana and hemp. Banned when marijuana became illegal, many states are now acknowledging that hemp has numerous potential uses, including the extraction of CBD (cannabidiol) for medicinal benefits. The industry is expected […]

A Plea for Preservation of a Building and a Struggle for the Soul of Central

There are so many interesting areas in Knoxville. Each has a claim of one sort or another to put itself forward as a place worthy of a visit, or maybe a longer stay. A stroll out Central from south to north, however, is enough to put one in mind of the ad campaign featuring, “the […]