Hot Town, Summer in the City

Is summer almost over? Am I the only one wondering? According to the calendar we are not quite a third of the way through. By the measure of a traditional school year — with June, July and August being summer vacation — we are over half way through. Don’t use that logic on a modern-day […]

Cruze Farm Announces Opening of Permanent Downtown Location

It’s been an increasingly open secret in recent weeks that something was up with Cruze Farm and a possible downtown location. Given the success of two pop up shops in downtown the last couple of years, anticipation of an announcement has been high. I recently spoke with Colleen Cruze Bhatti to get the details and […]

Kilwins Opens Today at 408 South Gay Street

Christy and Matthew Moore, owners of the new Kilwins at 408 South Gay Street were working quickly and intensely when I dropped in on Sunday to check out the new business. Store Manager Phoebe Spooner was reminding them that they should eat lunch – at 3:30 in the afternoon. Vicki Morgan, Kilwin’s VP of Development […]

A New Business Announces Plans to Come to Gay Street

It didn’t take long after the departure of the Cruze Farm Milk Bar from 408 Gay Street, for word to start circulating of a pending shop to take its place. Through a summer that often saw lines out their doors, there was hope among some ice cream lovers that they might announce permanent plans for […]

A Favorite Downtown Business Returns to the City

I’ve never seen anything like it in the years I’ve been writing about downtown businesses. Some businesses seem to hold a lot of promise, sometimes I’m not so sure. Sometimes I am pretty accurate in my assessment of their prospects and sometimes I’m surprised at their success  – or the lack of it. Last summer […]