A New York Moment and a Fine Friday Night into Saturday in Knoxville

Memory is tied to all the senses: a touch on the skin, a glimpse of something familiar, a smell that transports. I have what I call San Francisco mornings. It’s something about a chill on a spring morning along with a fresh-baked smell and leisurely moments on a patio. It hits me sometimes in downtown […]

A Great Day for Knoxville: Congratulations, Yassin

I’d never eaten a falafel before Yassin Terou opened Yassin’s Falafel House in 2014. I went with a friend soon after it opened and fell in love. At first I fell in love with the food, then I, like so many others, fell in love with the man and what he means to his community. […]

Rossini 2017 Dances Around the Rain Until It Can Dance No More

The forecast looked bleak. The history is spotty, at best. We all remember the year the Rossini Festival, sponsored by Knoxville Opera, was washed out by buckets of day-long rain. I slipped out early to watch the dogged preparations, as vendors and planners put on their game-faces and went about the business of getting ready […]