Cycling, Buses, Cars, Walking and More: Recent Articles

I realize I’ve fallen behind on sharing articles I find on the topics we cover. I realize this because I’ve got several dozen bookmarked and not used for articles. I accumulate them and look for connecting threads which aren’t always readily apparent. So, today I’ll share several from the last several months which are loosely […]

Interesting Trends in the Urban World

I run across a pretty constant stream of articles related to all things urban. Generally I bookmark them for later use. I’ve often used one or another as a basis for an article about something in Knoxville. For this round, I want to hit you with several. It’s a good way to spot trends and […]

Downtown Streets to be Paved – Is That Really Necessary?

Anyone who drives downtown streets – whether downtown worker, resident or simply visitor knows that the caption must be be facetious, right? Certainly any of us, as is often the case for me, who try┬áto drive into or out of downtown with a coffee cup balanced in our lap has experienced the near impossibility of […]