LAZ Art Gallery Opens at 108 East Jackson Avenue

Lauren Lazarus recently opened the latest in a growing list of galleries in the Old City. Located at 108 East Jackson, it is adjacent to the gallery and studio recently opened by Mark Carson English. The two are friends and happy to be working together. If you’ve seen the mural of poppies in Strong Alley […]

A Profile of Artist John Malcolm McRae on the Event of His Second Solo Exhibition

It’s a measure of a person that when the topic is that person, the topic turns immediately elsewhere. I stepped into John Malcolm McRae’s studio at Mighty Mud to talk about his work and his career. He naturally and easily turned the conversation to his children of whom he is very proud and his wife […]

Inside of Knoxville on the Road: Denver (Arts and Public Spaces)

(This is the second in a two part series on Denver, Colorado. If you missed it, see part one: Transportation and Retail.) It’s obvious on the train ride from the airport to downtown Denver that art of various sorts plays an important role in the city. The most striking indication is the seemingly endless murals […]

A Gay Street Business Closes, So Does Part of the Street (and an Art Exhibition Opens Briefly)

It was just a year-and-a-half ago that I announced the opening of Potbelly Sandwiches at 522 South Gay Street. It was the second Knoxville franchise location operated by the same investment group and operated by local musician and businessman Mark Ray. It took the place of the recently closed Lenny’s Sub Shop at the same […]

After Multiple Strokes, Local Artist Chris Cornett Returns (and Could Use Your Help)

Just over five years ago I first encountered the art of Chris Cornett. The challenging nature of the works and the striking use of color captivated me at once. I took my first photograph of his work at Preservation Pub and later that year at Union Avenue Books. We first met a year later at […]