Regas Square Events Opens as Knoxville’s Newest Event Venue

Regas Square Events, Knoxville, May 2023
Regas Square Events, Knoxville, May 2023

Knoxville has plenty of venues to host events, large and small. ‘Regas Square Events at 333 W Depot, Suite 120, Downtown Knoxville, wants to be your next choice. It “is a 4,300-square-foot venue filled with natural light and focused on fresh, modern touches that complement its historic architecture. The open, one-level floor plan features a stunning outdoor terrace and a seamless flow for vendors, planners, and clients alike.”

Regas Square Events, Knoxville, May 2023

After attending a preview event hosted by Regas Square Events in early May, I got behind the scenes with Paige Flores, Sales Manager of Bridgewater Place Events. Bridgewater Place Events is managing the bookings for this spacious, new venue. Paige tells me that inside can host around 300 persons seated banquet style and around 450 for social or cocktail set up. It is equipped to host everything from business meetings and church groups and has the latest technology to enhance a wedding and reception or put on a full concert without bringing any other equipment to the space.

@natecroft, Plaza Rendering, Regas Square Events, May 2023
@natecroft, Citizen Agency, Regas Square Events, May 2023

Chris Bullock of Remote Production Group gave me the breakdown of the A/V technology offered in the building. Ninety-five individual lights can be adjusted to any color or design setting to create the feel you want. There are 2 LED walls; all columns have audio/visual outlets, availability for two stages, and a considerable studio grid that can set up ceiling décor weighing up to 80lbs each; six cameras and an integrated broadcast suite allow for streaming or broadcasting from the venue. They can record your event and share it with you and your guests. This comes in handy if you have a speaker you want to record for future viewings.

Two walls of floor-to-ceiling windows let in natural light that is perfect for daytime events, and one door opens to access the developing gated courtyard that will soon become part of any event hosted in the venue. The interior is sleek and modern. A dark ceiling and floor and the light-colored walls, along with the abundant lighting options, allow customers to personalize the space and execute their vision. They also have a “gobo” that can be personalized with a corporate logo, new last name for the bride and groom, etc. A gobo is a small stenciled or etched circular disc, made of either metal or glass, that is used within lighting fixtures to project an image or pattern.

Regas Square Events, Knoxville, May 2023

A green room in the back allows for bridal parties to get ready for the big event or serves as a space for interviews or preparing for concerts, etc. Customers have the option of ordering catering through Bridgewater Place, or they can arrange to use any of the vendors in Marble City Market for additional variety. The venue will do table, chair, and stage set up and breakdown, which Paige tells me is different for downtown venues. Many hand over the keys and leave the setup and breakdown to the customer.

Regas Square Events, Knoxville, May 2023
Regas Square Events, Knoxville, May 2023

Some have questioned putting an event venue below living spaces, as the Regas Square residences are just above. Chris tells me the ceiling is an acoustical ceiling, meaning the tiles are thicker than standard ceiling tiles. That extra insulation between the spaces works to soften the sound. He also tells me nothing is coupled to the concrete directly, preventing the sound from traveling that way.

The courtyard is fenced, and landscaping will soon transform this space into something like an English country garden. This addition will allow for outdoor concerts and mingling in a green space many other venues can’t offer. Penland Studio Landscape Architecture will complete the landscaping work and targets to have it done in the next few weeks.

Regas Square Events, May 2023

Here is the rendering for the outdoor plaza. Regas Square Plaza-MP1.1-Rendered

Check out the Regas Square Events promo video for more offerings.

Contact Paige at (865) 409-5575 or email today to book your next event or a guided tour.