COVID-19: Special Message

This post will be short and there will be no photographs or fancy charts. Just me and you getting real about where we are.

I’m growing very weary of all the arguments that the illness isn’t serious. I’m so tired from arguing that the numbers are inflated because hospitals make more money, that the numbers are inflated because people want Trump to lose the election, that the illness isn’t that serious unless you are in your 80s and live in a nursing home, it’s only the flu, more people have died from the flu than from COVID, that doctors are lying on death certificates, that we should simply ignore it and open up to business as usual, that masks don’t do any good, that there are cures that are being ignored by the media, that the media is being alarmist to get clicks and on it goes.

I’m told that case numbers don’t matter – only hospitalizations. Until hospitalizations get worse and I’m told they don’t matter – only deaths (because these are probably people who came to the hospital for one thing, but were “diagnosed” with COVID when they got there), but deaths don’t matter because people were old, sick already or there really aren’t that many of them. I’m told I should be focused on testing until that looks bad and then I’m told it is positivity rate that matters, but then that doesn’t matter, either.

I spent a large amount of time arguing on FB yesterday about whether the chart I used as the picture for the post was misleading my readers intentionally. It was the chart of cases from the Knox County Health Department – which was fine until it didn’t look as favorable to the narrative that none of this is a big deal.

Here is reality:

  • At least 42.6 million people have become ill across the world
  • At least 1.2 million people have died across the world
  • At least 8,756,000 Americans have become ill.
  • At least 229,000 Americans have died.
  • At least 229,000 Tennesseans have become ill.
  • At least 3,076 Tennesseans have died of the illness.
  • At least 12, 343 County residents have had the illness.
  • At least 99 Knox County residents have died, half of them not of an age where most of us would want to die.

So, why am I writing this today? Because it is getting worse. It is not about to go away. We have not turned any recognizable corner. And yet, bars were packed last night, parking lots and garages downtown were hopping, and people are tired of staying in and wearing masks. And because:

  •  For the third consecutive day, yesterday, a pandemic record number of cases was set at 490,026 new cases.
  • The pace of deaths across the world is increasing, now sitting at 5,742 people per day
  • The U.S. set a record for a single day yesterday with 81,210 new cases.
  • U.S. daily deaths are increasing once more and are currently at 805 per day.
  • Tennessee set a record yesterday with 3,606 cases for the day.
  • Tennessee set a single-day record yesterday with 65 deaths.
  • Hospitalizations are at or near their highest levels in many places, including Tennessee and Knox County.
  • Today Knox County reported 191 new cases – its third worst single-day number.

And, honestly, there is a personal reason as a dear friend, who is 41 years old and seemed to be recovering from his case of COVID-19, suddenly got worse and is now in an ICU. It’s another step in making it real and personal to me.

The only point of this article is to say, please take this seriously. Please take care of yourself and your family. I know we are all tired of this – tired of masks, of not seeing friends and family, of not traveling. But that does not matter. Not at all. We have a hard few weeks or months ahead of us and if we relax, say it is over, keep up the useless arguments over details, more of us will die than would otherwise be the case. And it may be more personal for a lot of us than simple numbers on a page.


  1. It feels as if you’re speaking to the choir or speaking into the void-
    Thanks for doing what you do.

    • Allen McBride says

      But he must not be preaching entirely to the choir, if he’s getting so much denialist response.

      • Scott Ballard says

        Denialist? A more respectful way to say it might be “those who have a differing option”.

        • Did you mean opinion? COVID is not up for opinions. It’s a fact and based in science. You being in denial of facts and science does not make it your opinion it makes it your fantasy. Wake up, get educated and get a life before you lose yours.

      • At least a dozen unmasked coeds out my window. Last party in neighborhood swelled to 2 dozen. The host got covid. Seriously- let’s save Lives.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Every word you have shared is honest, true, and verifiable……….please take a mental health day for yourself to recharge your batteries. We need you. We need your observations. We need your attention to detail yet sharing it in laymen’s terms. I support and applaud your reporting.

  3. Thank you.

    You need to hear this often and loudly. Your coverage of this issue is one of the most easily digestible and applicable for Knoxvillians.

  4. Leigh Loveday says

    Thank you for this article on a Saturday, your day off. I was hoping you’d weigh in, your message is spot on and so important. I appreciate how perfectly you laid out the situation. As for the new cases today, I think it’s actually 207. Either way, it’s shocking and the alarm bells should be going off for us all. Thanks again.

    • KnoxvilleUrbanGuy says

      The 207 includes “probable,” which are likely actual cases. I’ve stayed away from including them in my numbers because I get called on it if I include them.

      • Leigh Loveday says

        Thank you for the explanation. I should have realized that and it makes sense. Have a good, restful weekend!

    • David Deibler says

      Thank you for saying what many of us feel. I am with you on this. My employer allows and recommends that I get tested every 2 weeks. Yet even with the precautions where I work we have had 245 positive cases and one death. Now the majority of these people were infected outside of the workplace. As much as I love Knoxville’s energy and nightlife, I refuse to join in unless social distancing and mask wearing is occurring. I don’t want to be that person who gets the valuable research on Covid we are doing here put on hold while we all quarantine. I personally know 5 people of varying ages who have become terribly ill from this virus. One of whom passed away. Please just wear a mask and maintain your distance. It’s not that difficult.

      I am pleased to say that social distancing and mask wearing was at 100% when I voted on Thursday.

  5. Thank you

  6. Leslie Gallaher says

    Thank you for trying to make it real. I volunteer in Critical Care at a local hospital. I can also promise you it’s real.
    And it’s not just the dying, it’s what one goes through before one dies. It’s not an easy death. Even those who have relatively minor symptoms can suffer long after.
    Alan, you are a voice of reason during these crazy times. I just wish people would listen. Mostly, I think you are preaching to the choir. But if you get through to just a few people who previously believed masks are taking away their freedom, it will be worth every minute you spend. I appreciate you and all you do.

  7. William Walker says

    Absolutely correct. I fear, however, that facts are not persuasive to hardcore Trumpsters who have surrendered their brains to the presidential liar-in-Chief. Many of these people live in East Tennessee, and I pray that God awakens them to the truth before it is too late.

    • Scott Ballard says

      While you have a right to your opinion, I take offense to your comment. I am a “Trumpster” and believe that rather than being sheep, WE form our opinions based on all overall facts is using your brain. For example, 99%+ survive COVID-19 and yes the majority are elderly and have underlying conditions.

      • Bob Fischer says

        As of today the death rate in the United States from covid is 4.02% If you can’t add, subtract, multiply and divide and figure percentages at a fifth grade level, perhaps commenting on a situation that requires a middle school level of understanding math and science is beyond your intellectual capacity. You’re just making stuff up, just like most right wing commenters do with this situation. Here’s todays data. Knock yourself out.

        • Bob Fischer says

          At this rate we will be at 8 million deaths before people figure out herd immunity doesn’t exist with diseases that humans don’t build an immunity to. Four months merely cycles this through communities three times a year in perpetuity. The blind worship of monumental ideas of stupidity both astounds and worries me.

        • Scott Ballard says

          Talk about knowing math, I am an engineer who knows math. According to my math, 200,000 deaths in a country with a population of 330,000,000+ is less than 1%. Please provide your documentation/reference for your 4.2% figure.

          • KCS Employee says

            Are you implying that every U.S. citizen and resident has been infected by the virus? There haven’t been 330 million confirmed cases of COVID in the world, let alone the United States.

            Subtle reminder that education or training in a particular field aren’t necessarily markers for knowledge or intelligence in general.

          • Brett Burdick says

            It’s entertaining how frequently the statement, “I’m an engineer…,” is immediatetly followed by said engineer embarassinging himself.

      • Susan Pitcher says

        Being told to wear a mask & social distance is similar to being told not to drive drunk. You can form your own opinions, but your actions can still put innocent people at risk. Hence, the choice is taken away for the safety of all.

        • Sue Groves says

          Thanks, Susan! That comparison is so simple that most people should get it!!! Put your mask on, distance, wash your hands and quit endangering others. Very basic and easy to do.

  8. Behind you 100%. Keep fighting the good fight.

  9. Michael Holtz says

    Thank you for this. The irresponsibility of our leaders at the federal, state and local level is infuriating. That public health officers, who are true experts on things like infectious diseases and pandemics, are treated like they’re imposing a socialist agenda is also infuriating. And. As a Christian, the “faith over fear” crowd who thinks wearing a mask is giving in to the fear make me tired. I understand the pandemic fatigue; I feel it too. But as a cancer survivor who is high-risk, I’m not taking any chances. A friend’s 73-year-old exceedingly healthy father passed away from COVID this week. This isn’t a hoax. It’s very real.

  10. Thank you, Allan. Hoping people will listen.

  11. I too had some friends that had it, one was in the hospital but seems to be doing better. Still on oxygen though. But past the critical stage so far. Thank you for reporting. Most of us appreciate it and know where you’re coming from. ❤️ Take care and go watch Frozen 2 again 🙂

  12. Thanks for your reporting, I appreciate your work, and try to pass it along to to as many people as I can.

    I hate that people are choosing to be hateful and ignorant. This disease is not yet a year old, nobody should be talking about it in absolute truths. We are still learning how to combat it, how to fix it. It’s a process everyone should respect.

  13. Scott Ballard says

    The virus is real and as individuals we need to be responsible citizens, which does not necessarily mean “wearing a mask” at all times. Many who have worn mask at all times have gotten COVID-19 and many who have not worn masks have not gotten COVID-19.

    Therefore, because you are tired of the debate, will not consider that there may be more to the story, and believe the numbers reported by the Governments and other world governments are gospel, then I for one no longer need to follow you in the future.

    • KnoxvilleUrbanGuy says

      Ok, friend. Good luck and best wishes to you.

      • And goodbye Scott Ballard. When a kind and responsible journalist puts his heart out there after suffering from his hard work, and you choose to belittle his work and thoughts, I don’t think you’re welcome here anymore. Go be among your own kind.

        • Scott Ballard says

          I was not “belittling” anyone. I was only providing a differing opinion. In fact I have appreciated reading this blog for over a year to keep up with the happenings in my home town. I was only providing a differing opinion.

          I will move on and be “among my own kind”. Those that welcome a conversation with differing opinion rather than those who are intolerant of those who do not totally agree with them. Kind of like most here.

          • KnoxvilleUrbanGuy says

            Remember as you leave that it’s your choice. Most people on both sides of the issue are tolerant. A significant number are not.

    • Laura Prados says

      The purpose of wearing a mask is to prevent you from GIVING COVID-19 to someone else, NOT to prevent you from GETTING it!

    • Do you know anyone who works in the healthcare field? Personally, I have family members in healthcare and research throughout our country and in other parts of the world. This discussion had nothing to do with the government until the “pro-life” party decided to make it so. Please care about others.

  14. Every single point you’ve made is what I have been trying to drill into my family ands friends heads. But you know what? You can’t fix stupid. You can’t force people to believe in science. I have no doubt that I will be wearing a mask and mostly staying home for at least another year. This is not going away and it’s being made worse by the people that don’t think this is serious. They are the ones to blame. The bars should all be closed, not just at 10 pm (which most of them are not following), but closed until the pandemic is over. Restaurants like Casen’s Steakhouse that don’t adhere to the madate should be forced to close by the health department. Obviously, the “educations” from the health department are not working. Hefty fines and closures need to start now for businesses not following mandates.

  15. Amen to your post and all the comments already made! Alan, keep speaking out with the truth, and (even though the Thanksgiving season is approaching) don’t let the turkeys get you down! 🦃

  16. Sherry Ball says

    Thanks for all your hard work Alan. You are a voice of reason. Please dont let the negative people get you down. There are many who realize what you say is correct. God help this nation because many are listening to the wrong voices.

  17. I completely agree! Thank you! I would just like to do a few simple things like get my teeth cleaned and have a mammogram, but can’t, because of all these people who insist on running around and socializing, and not wearing masks. VOTE! I am hoping some sanity will return if Joe Biden is elected. Things have gotten so crazy that I am not comfortable posting under my own name on Facebook.

  18. Thank you for attempting to provide accurate statistics for our community. “Freedom to Infect” seems to be the mantra for Governor Lee and Mayor Jacobs as well as for a lot of Trump supporters and Trump himself. Sure, mask wearing might not be 100% effective, especially if they are worn incorrectly (not covering the nose) or are never washed. Scientific data indicated that they do largely prevent the spread of the virus which will save lives. I’ll go with science and expert infectious disease specialists.
    Thank you for providing our community with understandable accurate statistics. There will always be people who refuse to believe experts – and trump is not one of them.

  19. Thank you. I hope the best for your friend. Unfortunately, the people who think this is all a joke or fear mongering do not understand science or empathy and lack critical thinking skills. They are mostly a lost cause – I don’t even bother correcting anyone anymore.

  20. Terry Holley says

    Thank you for your tireless work . I deeply appreciate it and regret that you have to deal with so many people who don’t give a hoot. They will make up any excuse to pretend that COVID is going away. How hard can wearing a mask really be? Maybe it’s more complicated than dressing for a funeral.

  21. Thank you. I am so grateful for your updates and your voice of compassionate reason.

    • Janie Cassell says

      Thank you, Alan. Your column is what I count on for information. Someone I have known most of my life recently died from this virus. He was in good health and still working at 75. He was infected at work and lived less than two weeks.

  22. Alan, don’t let the naysayers get to you! You are doing us a great service by your posts, and we who “get it” are thankful for you.

  23. Pattie Hall says

    Thank you so much! I appreciate you making this about facts not emotional fiction. It’s hard to keep practicing safety measures. I miss hugging, music, bars, groups of friends, all of it. I guess there are folks who can’t sacrifice for the greater good.

  24. Heather Johnson says

    Soldier on. I appreciate your posts, and I am sorry about your friend. I hope he will recover.

  25. Alan- I read your post everyday. Stay strong in your quest to present what is right and true. Many people are listening and I thank you for your hard work. Don’t give up- we need you.

  26. This, 100%. And as for the idea that we can beat this with “herd immunity”, let’s do a little math. If only 60% of the 350 million Americans must get Covid to achieve that goal (not a given because of all that we don’t know), that’s 210 million people. Even if only 1% die (a much lower rate than we’ve seen so far) that’s over 2 million deaths. Each death affects a family, a community, the world. The loss is staggering. Many who don’t die will suffer greatly before recovering and some may be impaired for life. And that does not take into consideration the likelihood that our entire health care system will be overwhelmed, that people will not have access to non-Covid care that they need, or that the economy will be far more badly damaged than if we just hunkered down now. This is a disaster unfolding, one that it may be too late to avert. And it won’t just be the deniers that are affected. We are an interdependent species. Personal responsibility requires caring not just for oneself but also for one’s neighbors. Thank you for being my thoughtful and caring neighbor, Alan. That you are here is a small bright light for me.

  27. In a previous post Mark Ballard wrote:” Many who have worn mask at all times have gotten COVID-19 and many who have not worn masks have not gotten COVID-19.“

    There it is in startling text! He completely misses the point of why wearing masks is important, it is not about you, it is about protecting others! Yes wearing a mask can help in avoiding infection, but wearing a mask does lower the infection rate of others. Civilization depends on people working together and not infringing on others rights and protecting each other.

    Wear a mask out of respect for others, be compassionate, respectful and civilized!

    • Laura Prados says

      Dave, thank you for saying this! I’ve been thinking the same thing, but you expressed it much more clearly than I can! And Alan, thank you for collecting everything I want to know in one place, and presenting it in such a clear and balanced manner! I really appreciate all your hard work!!! Keeping you, your family, your friend, and everyone affected by this pandemic in my prayers!!!

  28. Kat Van Dusen says

    Alan, yiu are not alone and we are listening. It has been very challenging – especially as I have a friend in ICU also. Stand firm, stay safe and know we are praying.

  29. Thank you, Alan.
    100% in agreement.

  30. Thank you

  31. Roger Moroney says

    Thank you. Another data set I’ve been interested in is the excess mortality for 2020 versus 2019, or for other countries. While no metric is perfect it seems a look at how many “extra” deaths occurred versus the same period a year ago, or to another country, with appropriate corrections, would sidestep the under/over reporting of COVID-19 itself, and include collateral deaths from people delaying treatment to avoid hospitals, and etc.

  32. Amen. Thanks.

  33. Thank you for this and sorry you’re feeling the way you are. Sometimes I think I’m the only one taking this as seriously as I do. Reading your column makes me feel sane (and sad). Keep up the good work Alan. Thank you for this. It seems that the people who say it’s only 1% don’t realize that 1% is a lot of people. And if you are part of that 1%. It’s a devastating death, so yea the 1% matters. Stay strong Alan. We’ve got your back!

    • Sue be Groves says

      Thanks, Vida, for your thoughts that I share wholeheartedly! And, Alan, your dedication to presenting the facts to support our scientists and doctors is greatly appreciated.

  34. Marilyn Roofner says

    You have written a concise, easy to understand report for all of us for months. It’s not just Knoxville residents who follow you. I’ve been writing a pandemic diary ( on page 127 now) and I use you and the NYT for statistical comparisons. I grew up in Jefferson City but visit my mother and brother in Knoxville regularly ( at least it was regular).
    You are very much appreciated. Take a mental health break anytime you feel this way- nature, movies, ice cream,wine, whatever works. Thank you.

  35. Peter Scheffler says

    Thanks for continuing to report. Maybe not everyone knows you used to be a librarian, which means that you understand how to evaluate and use information.

  36. Alan, so sorry about your friend. 41 is too young. I hope he pulls through. Thank you for this post.

  37. Alan, you’ve earned the confidence and respect of many people out here for how fairly and even-handedly you have shared this information. You bring an upbeat tone to what you share while remaining neutral and informative. We see you doing back flips to present this information in multiple formats to address the feedback you receive. You have a LOT of support and admiration for your efforts. ~ with appreciation

  38. Thank you, Alan. Your work in keeping us connected and informed is mightily appreciated.

  39. You called our mutual friend St. Theresa. I think you have qualified to be St Alan!

  40. A dozen or two coeds are partying out my window in Maplehurst right now. Masks? No. The other party Weeks ago, the host got covid.

  41. Bonny Naugher says

    Thank you! Please take a mental health break for yourself and your family. Praying for your friend to recover.

  42. Bob Fischer says

    Please let me add my thanks as well. Having a daily summation from a clear, sound, reasoned, intellectual perspective, holding the science rather than the politics of this situation as its standard is an invaluable service to this community. Particularly when spreader events are the order of the day.

    Please stay safe. Please consider what you can do to protect yourself from covid before venturing into the public arena. Please don’t allow a bio-terrorist movement become mainstream either in ideal or practical application.

  43. Regina Santore says


    I would be lost without your daily briefing. Your analysis is reassuring in that knowledge is power and I feel (rightly or not) in more control as I navigate my day. Thank you for today’s sobering post. As hard as it feels to do it, we are finding our mental reserves and soldiering on with the belief that winter will be far worse and we must take even more precautions going forward, not less, going out less, not more, etc. We tell ourselves “I can do this until summer” and find ways to make “small life” enjoyable. It will NOT be forever. We can do this.

  44. Thank you for your hard work and I hope your friend will be ok. I hope your work gains national recognition because you deserve it. You always word everything so well and ask the questions that need to be asked. News outlets (newspaper/tv) do post some stories on FB but if you look at their home pages, COVID and its consequences register nary a blip other than reporting numbers. Football is more important to most of the world unfortunately.

  45. In trying to help someone understand the increase in Knox County cases, I told them our death rate held at 4 for most of April until April 28th. The rate remained at 5 until July 2nd. And what was the count this week…
    P.S. Stay safe!

  46. Thank you for your reporting, for this editorial, AND for resisting any temptation to call those who disagree “ignorant “ or “stupid”. I have too many well-educated friends who have given up or who never believed in the seriousness of the pandemic. I hope for change in the federal government’s response to the illness after January 20, and pray for cooperation by our citizens with these changes. My small part is participation in the Moderna vaccine trial – it’s the least I can do.

  47. Alan you are pretty fantastic and I hope you know how much your writing has contributed in keeping people healthy. Thank you for that. I can’t add anything new to what’s been written above except to ask everyone reading that if you want to keep our community safe, the Board of Health in charge, and mandates in place, then please write the county commissioners in support of the BOH. We are the quieter side of the argument and emails are needed by tomorrow night. Email addresses can be found at

  48. Alan, I appreciate your insight and dedication to science in face of ignorance, hate and blind faith. Keep up the good work!

  49. So well said, Alan. So accurate and informative. Why is it that simple mask wearing is such a big deal? If we can save just one life, wear a mask when around others. Let them do the same and just maybe we can save lives.

  50. SuburbanMom says

    So so sorry that your friend is sicker and worrying you.

    I have been there, lost two friends recently to Covid-19. They were both school classmates and neither were of an age where one would have expected them to go. Another friend was hospitalized last week and we were all petrified that she would not get out of there, but she is home now and hopefully out of harm’s way, we think.

    WHEN it hits home, it’s more sobering and more real…for each of us, and it is much more difficult to accept others’ nonchalant attitudes as just human beings doing their normal human things…unconsciously.

    Thank you for your heartfelt work on this topic. We tune in each chance we get to hear your perspective. It calms us in a way, knowing that someone is watching and paying very close attention in all the so very challenging things that you’re watching and writing about for us.

    Prayers and healing hopes for all of those ill and grieving and for you and yours.

  51. Thank you. Very well said indeed!

  52. Thank you so very very very much!

  53. Thank you for all you do. There are legions of us who respect what you do and the work that goes into it. Stay safe and carry on.

  54. Thank you, Alan for saying what I, and so many others have been feeling. I encourage everyone to write their County Commissioner in support of the Health Board who are doing their best to keep us safe

  55. Thank you for speaking truth to power, despite the critics and naysayers on this topic.

  56. You have patience of a saint. I would have lost it a long time ago. Thank you for keeping us so well informed. Keep fighting the good fight!

  57. Thank you Alan! Your coverage of this issue is one of the most easily comprehensive information that I share on a regular with my employer when they ask how our hometown is doing. Our corporate office is in New York, your reporting has help us stay safe during these unprecedented times. Keep it it! 😊

  58. Jennifer Mozingo Quinley says

    Thank you for EVERY word. You are shouldering a heavy burden that is fully appreciated. I am an ER physician who has lost 2 colleagues thus far and pray for the others I know and care about to be ok. I am so tired of fighting misinformation on every side of this..but it really matters. EVERY word.

  59. I am sorry about your friend, Alan, and I hope that they pull through with no lingering complications.

  60. Lori Chmielewski says

    I’m with all your supporters that just posted. Thank you deeply for all your wonderfully researched and written posts. This deadly virus affects ALL of us. What should only be a health and safety issue has metasticized into personal freedoms and political arenas. So wrong. We live in a society, one in which we should be looking out for our fellow humans. I think about our parents, grandparents, even great grandparents who sucked it up, did what they had to do for the greater good during hard times, like World Wars and The Great Depression. Just be kind. Wear the mask. Stand a safe distance away. Stop the bickering. Let’s all get through this safely for as long as it takes.

  61. Thank you! The voice of reasonableness. Read your post daily.

  62. Thank you !! Keep up the great work! Don’t let these deniers talk you out of posting charts and graphs, that’s sometimes the easiest and only way to get through to people!!

  63. Scott Ballard says

    Unbelievable how many disrespectful people are in this one thread. So good note and remember, we’re all still gonna die. So hope you all can enjoy a blessed life again someday. I am now and will continue to enjoy a blessed life by living by faith and not fear.

    • Bob Fischer says

      I haven’t seen anyone being disrespectful save that one fellow who doesn’t even know how to figure out mortality rates who was claiming everyone else was stupid because he was an engineer. What a twit he was.

    • Thought you said you were taking your ball and going home? I guess that just goes to show you can’t trust Trump or his supporters to do what they say they’re gonna do or generally speaking take anything seriously or follow through on their empty threats. Thanks for proving once again why you and your ilk should NOT be taken seriously by any reasonable person.

      And Alan, keep up the great reporting. You have been invaluable throughout this entire crisis and God knows we couldn’t do it without you. We got your back!

    • Brett Burdick says

      Why does the right always try to push the notion that people wear masks because they’re fearful? Like, not wearing a mask makes you tough. When I wear a mask, I have zero fear. None. When I’m grocery shopping while wearing a mask, I’m comfortable knowing that, if I’m C19 positive and asymptomatic, I’m far less likely to infect another shopper who could possibly die from contracting the disease. It’s an act of kindness and compassion – not one of fear. And if it reduces my chances of contracting it, that’s a bonus.

      People die in traffic accidents while wearing seat belts. But that’s a stupid argument to stop wearing one.

      • Because it’s America. We live in a society with massive inequality and people generally project what they want others to see and think about them.

        You are scared if you wear a mask might as well be no one is gonna call me scared for wearing one. People now a days are very opaque. The shallow nature of social media lifestyle and our ever increasing tribalism has left most with very little substance behind thier veil.

        I wear a mask. I’ve already had the virus. I’m not scared. I do it cause I know collectively people are stupid. The less socially taboo they become the more people will wear them when necessary. It’s the SUV effect. Now that enough people drive them it ensures more people will buy them cause they want to fit in…

        The anti-science and mask crowd isn’t going anywhere. The chance to bring them into societies hive mind has already passed too.

        Alan love your site. Pragmatic, objective people like you are needed now more then ever.

        I hope going forward people learn to vote on substance.

  64. Alan, thank you so much for what you are doing! I look forward to your articles and it seems that so many others believe in what you are doing as well.

  65. Thank you Alan. While a lot of the media is being alarmist to get clicks, you continuously publish Pulitzer quality articles that manage to show the seriousness of the disease, while also being level-headed about it at the same time. Keep it up. We are rooting for you.

  66. Brady Watson says

    Thank you for all you do, Alan. You are appreciated. Also hoping your friend pulls through.

  67. First I would like to say, thank you Alan for all your time you put into your excellent informative reporting. I look forward to reading all your articles. After reading all these comments, I noticed some are making this a political problem, with covid, trying to cast the blame on Trump on how this pandemic has been handled. To be honest I’m not a big fan of either of our presidential candidates. We know how President Trump is handling the pandemic but we don’t really know how Biden would have. In the beginning he belittled Trump for stopping international travel. The bottom line is this pandemic is real and we all should adhere to the CDC rules and recommendations. Stop complaining and just do what you need to do. You are not going to change the mindsets of people that party, go out in crowds, don’t social distance and don’t wear masks. Perhaps they will change their minds when, and if, they get really sick or someone close to them does. Like I said in one of my previous posts, I don’t like wearing a mask either but I do. That’s my choice. I don’t complain or say anything if I see someone that isn’t wearing a mask. That’s their choice. I’m just trying to stay as safe as possible since I’m over 70 and I pray everyday that we get a good vaccine and get this terrible virus under control and out of here.

    • I like what you wrote and agree. I’m also over 70 and have taken the tiny additional step of volunteering for the Moderna clinical vaccine trial — got my second shot last week with a small reaction, so maybe it’s working!

  68. Pamela Schoenewaldt says

    Thank you. It’s like we’re in the London Blitz and people are saying, “fake bombs” or “you can’t tell me to go in the Underground to be safe” or “I don’t feel like putting my lights out.” Yeah it’s tough. We’re at war, and we aren’t winning. We won’t until we take this seriously.

  69. Thanks for this post,

  70. Good luck to you Sandy in the clinical vaccine trial. I commend you for volunteering. Stay safe and healthy:)

  71. Those numbers just make me shrug my shoulders and say “so, none of this bullshit was worth it.”

    • Makes me wonder how you woke up without a brain this morning.

      • I noticed my response got deleted again–It’s clear that the millions of people who are in danger of losing their homes don’t matter. It’s clear that the hundreds of thousands (300,000 people by most recent estimates) in the US that died because they were too afraid to go to the hospital due to the overblown threat of a virus with a 0.4 to 1.2% death rate don’t matter to you people. You talk about waking up without a brain, you might went to check your pulse.

        • KnoxvilleUrbanGuy says

          As I just informed Frank, his comments were not deleted. As I helped him through an issue I discovered they were caught by my spam filter. They have been restored. Let’s assume less nefarious reasons for some of the irritants we encounter. Sometimes it’s just a wonky spam filter.

  72. 8,756,000 Americans have become ill or tested positive ?

    • KnoxvilleUrbanGuy says

      I’m not sure what you are asking? Did I get something wrong? Six days later the number is 9,213,000.

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