Downtown Knoxville Ten Day Planner (6/28 – 7/7/2020)

Photo Courtesy Knoxville Outdoor Tours
Photo Courtesy Knoxville Outdoor Tours

As events are opening up, we’re listing a combination of virtual and live events. The rules are the same – if you want your event included, please make a Facebook event, invite me (Alan Sims – you’ll have to friend me) and it will be included. I need enough lead time that the list can be put together the Wednesday before you want it listed. A please be safe if you are attending live events.

NOTE: Please follow Health Department recommendations as you decide whether to participate in events: Do Not Go Out If You Have Symptoms of COVID-19. Wash Your Hands Frequently, Avoiding Touching Your Face. Avoid Touching Surfaces Which May Have Not Been Cleaned Throughly. Maintain a Social Distance of Six Fee or More From Others. Wear a Face Mask If Distancing Is Not Possible.

Sunday, June 28


Monday, June 29 


Tuesday, June 30

Vow’d, 11 Market Square, Knoxville, June 2020


Wednesday, July 1


Thursday, July 2

Friday, July 3


Saturday, July 4

Photo Courtesy Knoxville Outdoor Tours

Sunday, July 5


Monday, July 6


Tuesday, July 7