The Salvage Shop Revival Announces Grand Opening January 25

Ashley Addair, Colin Kronick, Julie Schwab, The Salvage Shop Revival, 619 N. Broadway, Knoxville, January 2020

Out of the uncertainty of the recent withdrawal of Knox Heritage from their operation of the Salvage Shop, which they moved to 619 North Broadway in 2015, has come new ownership and a for-profit business with a similar mission in its place. The Salvage Shop Revival, is owned and operated by Julie Schwab and Colin Kronick. They are in the process of modifying and updating the approach of the business and plan to host a grand opening on January 25th. Both were involved with the business when it was operated by Knox Heritage.

Julie has been involved in antiques most of her life and has made her living for the last twenty years in the hotel industry. When an opening became available last year to work part time as the manager at the Salvage Shop, she took the position and began to learn the salvage end of the business. When Knox Heritage’s five-year lease ended in December and they declined to continue the enterprise, she and co-worker Colin Kronick decided to open the new business.

The Salvage Shop Revival, 619 N. Broadway, Knoxville, January 2020

The Salvage Shop Revival, 619 N. Broadway, Knoxville, January 2020

Colin, originally from south Florida, moved to Knoxville in 2012. His parents bought an older home here, and he bought one beside them. The extensive work needed on both of the houses was his introduction to restoration. After many hours of trial and error and lots of YouTube videos, his skills improved and he fell in love with the process of replacing vinyl windows with wooden ones. He began work with Knox Heritage as a volunteer and eventually started helping with salvaging architectural features from homes set to be demolished, or renovated without those features.

As co-owners of the new business, they plan changes from the old model, while retaining its preservation heart. The new business is for-profit, and they have expanded into areas such as window restoration for historic homes. They plan to increase the hours of the business from the 20 hours a week it was previously open. They also hope to more carefully curate the collection to only focus on mid-modern and older pieces, which they will collect locally and regionally.

The Salvage Shop Revival, 619 N. Broadway, Knoxville, January 2020

The Salvage Shop Revival, 619 N. Broadway, Knoxville, January 2020

They hope to connect to the community by offering classes and opportunities for apprenticeships. The two said they already have a very dedicated core of volunteers who are helping them to transition. Laura Cunningham, a former manager at the shop, and Nancy Kirt have been very involved, as well as Betsy Erickson, Cindy Kortebein, Bonnie West, and Annette Brun.

The focus of the business is to serve people who want to re-use, not necessarily re-purpose, the historical artifacts. They plan to develop and work with a network of artisans such as plasterers and wood-workers. They note that a number of builders and new home owners are looking for original historical pieces to add character and quality to their homes.

The Salvage Shop Revival, 619 N. Broadway, Knoxville, January 2020

The Salvage Shop Revival, 619 N. Broadway, Knoxville, January 2020

The Salvage Shop Revival, 619 N. Broadway, Knoxville, January 2020

Plans call for highlighting the artists who also use the building. Artists, including Ashely Addair, have used the studios upstairs from the beginning. There are currently three spaces upstairs (one is currently available), and there are plans for two more upstairs and one downstairs. Ashley says she loves the space and the location. It gives her the opportunity to bring potential clients into her studio and offers flexibility. She has hosted events with fellow artist Michael Giles, who has also had a studio from the beginning, and says the collection of artists and others at the business feels like a family. They are joined by artist Kit Hoefer.

The Salvage Shop Revival, 619 N. Broadway, Knoxville, January 2020

The Salvage Shop Revival, 619 N. Broadway, Knoxville, January 2020

People familiar with the shop over the years will soon notice changes to the interior as the new owners renovate with period-appropriate touches for the 1800s building, making it a model for what they are trying to promote elsewhere. The front area will be transformed into exhibition space for artists, and the rear of the main floor, as well as the downstairs, will be stocked with the artifacts for sale. Downstairs will also serve as a work space.

Join the group for their grand opening January 25 and support them as they work to keep beautiful, functional, and historic pieces out of landfills. Follow them and give them a “like” on Facebook.


  1. I have personally engaged with Julie and Colin on the extensive restoration of windows, doors and unique pieces from 100+ year old properties. These folks know what their doing and produce fabulous results. Reasonable, mission driven and hard working, Julie and Colin bring great value to our community. I’m excited to see their shift to a “for profit” model and know they will continue to help preserve beautiful, functional and historic pieces out of our landfills. Dont just read the article… go out and support them to insure Knoxville maintains this valuable resource. CONGRATS!

    • Julie Schwab says

      Thanks Jim. It’s been a pleasure working with you.
      We appreciate what you are doing with historic homes as well. Your attention to detail and restoration is equally commendable. Thanks also for all the items you’ve passed on to us so that someone else will benefit from their beauty and history in their own homes.

  2. I am thrilled someone will keep this wonderful place alive. I travel to Roanoke, VA to visit Black Dog Salvage. The shopping experience is thrilling. Also, the name Schwab takes me back to my Memphis home and the great Schwab store on Beale Street – one of a kind.

  3. The plans Julie and Colin have for this space are creative, strategic and so smart given the resurgence of that part of town. Colin is one of the most talented, meticulous and determined people I know, and they both are incredibly hard workers — long hours are the norm for them! In a market where preservation is still important on so many levels, these guys are going to soar! If you have old salvage and antiques you prefer to keep out of the landfill, or just want to keep the character of your old windows and doors, call them. You will not be disappointed.

    • Thanks Annette. I know that you too have devoted many years towards the mission of preservation in Knoxville.
      The support of likeminded folks like you helped us build a successful foundation as a nonprofit. This venture is an exciting new start and we plan on being involved in the preservation efforts of our community for years to come.

  4. Colin does fantastic work! I am so pleased he is involved in this effort.

  5. This is welcome news. I was so upset when this lovely store, a real Curiosity Shop full of finds, closed so suddenly without an explanation. A few months ago, I bought a beaten-up, bronze-and-brass pan chandelier (late Victorian, early Deco) for a very good price (thank you, Julie). A neighbor has painstakingly restored to its original splendor — burnished, polished, rewired, and simply glorious. We love switching it on and looking at its amber glow.
    So glad the shop is going to re-open. All the best to Julie, Colin and their team of volunteers.

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