Another Market Square Business Closes: A Closer Look

Bluetique, 31 Market Square, Knoxville, January 2019

It’s the third business to close on Market Square in the past few weeks. First Blue Coast Burrito closed at 37 Market Square, followed by the Juice Bar on the opposite corner at 2 Market Square. Now Bluetique, located at 31 Market Square for the last 5 1/2 years is closing. (See original story here.)

While Market Square once had 37 ground-level commercial addresses, it now has 30, due to the open space on the east side and consolidation of addresses for larger restaurants and shops. It is only in recent years that is has been fully occupied for the first time since an earlier era. So, where does Market Square stand now for vacancies?

On the east side, there are 13 commercial spaces available. Of those, four are currently not utilized. 2 Market Square was the home of the Juice Bar, which recently closed. I’m hearing rumors it is already under contract. 24 Market Square, the former home of Bliss, which moved to Gay Street, is empty.

26 Market Square was previously Rita’s Ice, but will soon be Bernadette’s Crystal Palace. The owners of 30 Market Square have chosen, inexplicably, to not make their ground-floor commercial space for lease. So, of the four spaces, it appears only one, 24 Market Square, appears to be waiting for a occupant.

Bluetique, 31 Market Square, Knoxville, August 2013

On the west side of Market Square there are 17 commercial addresses and only one vacancy currently exists. 37 Market Square was the home of Blue Coast Burrito, which has closed. A replacement, however, was immediately announced. With the closure of Bluetique, there will be another opening on that side, but given how quickly the spaces are grabbed (with the exception of 24 Market Square), it doesn’t seem likely to stay vacant for long.

I stopped in to Bluetique to chat with the workers there who said that all ten Bluetique stores have closed. The small regional chain topped out at 10 stores, of which Knoxville was the fifth to open. It was the last to close, though I was told business had plummeted during the fourth quarter and that Christmas was not good, they felt, due to the rainy weather limiting foot traffic. This runs counter to what I’ve been told by other businesses, who reported having a very strong Christmas season, though it was rainy.

Bluetique, 31 Market Square, Knoxville, January 2019

There is no doubt that this is a difficult era for brick and mortar retail. Our downtown is fighting an uphill battle to bring retail back in an era when it has been decimated by online sales. To understand that this isn’t a Knoxville issue, one only has to look at recent headlines regarding Sears, or stroll the streets of New York City and see the empty retail space there.

So, where does this go? I think we’ll quickly fill Market Square once more, but what of the bigger picture? It may be that successful brick and mortar business will be those that offer merchandise or a service can’t be easily replicated online. That likely means more restaurants and bars or other forms of entertainment. For those of us who want a wider range of downtown retail, it is incumbent on us to support it when it happens or it will disappear.


  1. It looks like a lot of work is being done at the old Bliss/Lula spot. Will that be part of the crystal bar or is something new going in?

  2. Kitty Lenoir says

    This is Knoxville not NYC, give the people who live around the downtown area a reason to want to come to Market Square. We’re not all fans of juice bars and jazz.

    • DJF Siksay says

      Then you can eat delicious fried chicken and tomato pie at Myrtle’s, enjoy an inexpensive but tasty Tex-Mex plate at Soccer Taco, grab a pint and watch the game at Tommy Trent’s, show your Volunteer pride by getting some swag at Tailgate, delight your senses with a chocolate truffle from the Knoxville Chocolate Factory, enjoy live music (that isn’t jazz) at Preservation Pub, or get some shrimp n’ grits comfort food at either Cafe4 or Tupelo Honey.

      And if *none of that* appeals? Well, there’s always Subway.

      • Also just around the corner, you can go to Union Books for a great new release. Or head to Wild Lavender for a great organic facial or natural products. Oh if you are looking for “culture” the art galleries on Gay Street, First Friday every month, Sidewalk Chalk art weekend. Night out, go bowling at Maple Hall or see a movie at Regal. Lest not forget live performances at the Tennessee Theatre or the Bijou. But as DJF mentioned, there is always Subway or even Urban Outfitters if you prefer the “chain lifestyle”!!

  3. Hate to see any business close. I know it’s not easy for these small business owners. Don’t know much about the subject but hope the property owners aren’t making life more difficult than it should be for these small businesses. Then again, the small business owners have to do their homework. I remember being thrilled when I saw Juice Bar was coming. When they opened, their hours were something like 8:00 – 5:30. I live downtown but I don’t work downtown. Sad that I had to drive to the one near Western Plaza to fulfill my Juice Bar cravings when I lived about a block away. So it goes, I suppose.

  4. Is this the location of the former LaCoste (or something like that) restaurant? That place was so good I wish they would bring it back.

    • KnoxvilleUrbanGuy says

      La Costa was the restaurant and we really liked it, too, in its earliest phase. It is, in fact, the same address.

      • KnoxCoRuralGirl says

        Oh, La Costa served the lavender sweet potato burritos by Chef Brandon Cruze. He’s still cooking, focusing on cajun style foods now up at Clinch River Brewing in Norris.

  5. We really need an exercise spot
    downtown! People could go before work, lunch hour, or after work! The YMCA is so crowded
    usually, and the pool is small.

  6. Understood. Closed till further notice. Blank spaces make Market Square lose it’s luster.

  7. Uncorked has been closed for a while. What’s up with that?

    • I’ve spoken with a few people there, and it’s currently being used as an event/special occasion space. It was most recently open on New Year’s Eve. If there are other plans, I do not know them. I’m sure S&B West have more than a few ideas.

    • KnoxvilleUrbanGuy says

      It will reopen soon with a few twists. 🙂

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