Top Articles from 2016: #11 – #25 (Plus Random Year-End Blog Stats)

J.C. Holdway, 501 Union Avenue, Knoxville, September 2016
A Dopo Pizzeria, 516 Williams St., Knoxville, September 2016

It’s the time of year when I get to really let my inner statistics geek take over – and I get to thank you for being a reader and helping the continued success of the blog. I’ve gotten so much more from this ride than I ever expected and so much more from you than anything I’ve given. 2016 was another great year and that is because of you.

First, the blog again won the Blank Newspaper, Knoxville’s Finest Award for Best Website and Local Facebook Page and Mercury’s 2016 Top Knox Reader’s Poll for best Facebook Page and Blog. These awards are so important for establishing the credibility of an enterprise like this one, that it is hard to overstate. And knowing that the votes came from readers makes it even more special.

I also have to mention the people who allow me to eat while simultaneously spending all my time on this blog. I could not continue to do it without advertisers and I recognize that and appreciate them very much. Some of them have been with me from the beginning and others joined this year, but they make it possible financially, so thank them by clicking an ad and taking a look and by visiting and supporting their businesses. Tell them you appreciate the support, if you will. And, of course, if you’d like to advertise, I’d love that.

Maple Hall, 414 S. Gay, Knoxville, June 2016

Other related numbers: I joined Twitter in May 2013 as Knoxville Urban Guy (, @knoxvilleurbanguy) and I’ve warmed up a bit to its 140 characters. The following there has grown to 1,880+ and it would be great to hit 2,000 early in the new year. I just started Instagram this year – in January – again as Knoxville Urban Guy ( and 125 posts later, I’m still working on that. Followers there reached 1,375.

Facebook, of course, is where many of you follow and the Inside of Knoxville Facebook Page is where the blog hit the biggest landmark this year. After starting the year at right around 6,600 FB followers, the page crossed 10,000 in October, ending the year with over 10,700. It’s a pretty mind-boggling landmark for an enterprise that seemed to only slowly get to that first 100 just a few years ago.

A word on the rankings is always important because what is most read, as I’ve said before, isn’t the same as what’s most commented upon. If something gets a lot of comments, it is likely read heavily, but many times heavily read articles just don’t elicit much in the way of comments. Here are the ten articles eliciting the most comments, only two of which made the top 25 Most Read List:

10. Broadway, We’ve Got Problems (November, 38 comments)

9. The Largest Mass Shootings in American History: Knoxville Responds (June, 39 comments)

7. Downtown Streets to be Paved –  Is That Really Necessary? (October, 40 comments)

7. The Farragut Hotel Building to Become a Hyatt Place Hotel (April, 40 comments)

5. Rick Dover and French Market Feud Erupts with Felony Revelations (September, 45 comments)

5. Courtyard and Residence Inn by Marriott May Come Downtown (May, 45 comments)

4. French Market and Dover Development at Odds (June, 48 comments)

3. There’s Nowhere to Park Downtown! (Not) City Announces Parking Changes (May, 51 comments)

2. Charles Ervin, Long Term Old City Personality, Dies (November, 54 comments)

1. Panhandling in Downtown Knoxville Revisited (February, 93 comments)

J.C. Holdway, 501 Union Avenue, Knoxville, September 2016

My list of top articles is generated from views recorded for that specific article. Each have been read more times than the number would indicate because many views are counted simply as going to the homepage. Ready? Here are the top twenty-five posts (#25 – #11) of the year out of the 300+ I published:

25. Cruze Farm Milk Bar Pops Up Today (June/4,010 views)

24. A Dopo Pizzeria to Open Next Week (September/4, 110 views)

23. Wild Wing Cafe Will Not Come to the Kress Building (May/4,229 views)

22. Makers Donuts Opens Today – With Free Donuts (January/4,245 views)

21. Maple Hall Set to Open: Downtown Will Bowl Soon (June/4,464 views)

20. Merchants of Beer Slated to Open this Fall (June/4,522 views)

19. Crown and Goose Sold to Randy Burleson; What Does It Mean? (January/4,541 views)

18. New Downtown Businesses You Might Not Have Noticed (January/4,543 views)

17. New Gay Street Brewery and Low Country Restaurant to Open on Krutch Park (July/4,596 views)

16. Chef Joseph Lenn Opens J.C. Holdway at 501 Union Avenue (September/4,961 views)

15. Chivo Taqueria Opens July 7 at 314 S. Gay Street (July/5,331 views)

14. The Castle Becomes a Reality: Schulz Brau Brewing Company Will Open This Spring (March/5,334 views)

13. Lonesome Dove Opens in the Old City and Offers a Spectacular Experience (June/5,369 views)

12. A Dopo Pizzeria to Open Downtown in August (June/5,583 views)

11. Daylight Building Offers Downtown Homes for Sale (August/5,639 views)

Daylight Building, 500 Block Union Avenue, Knoxville, August 2016

So, there’s the build-up. Interesting to note that A Dopo made it into the top 25 twice, as did the Daylight Building (incl. J.C. Holdway). Some of the articles included long-awaited openings like J.C. Holdway, Maple Hall, Schulz Brau, Chivo Taqueria and Lonesome Dove. Show of hands – how many of you doubted one or more of these would ever actually open? It also includes a couple which are past their projected opening date with no sign of movement: Merchants of Beer and the Brewery/Low Country Restaurant on Krutch Park. Will they open in 2017?

Tune in tomorrow and I’ll tell you the top 10 most read articles on Inside of Knoxville in 2016. In the meantime, maybe it’s time to catch up on the ones you missed in the lists above, and get over to the FB, Instagram and Twitter accounts and join the fun.