Musicians, Writers and the Metropulse Best of Knoxville Poll

I took this photograph of this small brass ensemble on Market Square last week. It was cold enough to freeze lips to metal and no tip hat presented itself. I asked about that and they made a joke. As we talked, I learned that the two standing in the photograph are UT music students and they were joined by two friends simply because it’s a chance to play. Still, they could have assembled in a warm building and instead chose to play on Market Square. Why? Because musicians eventually want an audience.

It’s the same with writers: we want readers. I feel very fortunate to have so many great ones. From just a  few daily readers nearly three years ago, your numbers have grown to include several hundred a day. I appreciate your comments and even your silent visits. I hope you find something you enjoy from time to time.

Once a year I ask for something back. I always appreciate when people subscribe to the blog, friend me or “like” the Facebook page (all of which you can take care of right now, if you haven’t. We’ll wait for you . . . done? OK) Once a year, however, I’m direct in saying I would appreciate your support in the Metropulse Best of Knoxville Poll.  A good showing there is helpful for spreading word about the blog and that’s something I’d like to do.


The online categories are not available in the print ballot, so please vote online. Please Vote for Stuck Inside of Knoxville/Knoxville Urban Guy for “Best Local Webpage,” “Best Local Blog” and “Best Local Facebook Page.” You must vote in twenty categories and you may only vote once. YOU MUST CONFIRM VIA E-MAIL. If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail, check your spam box (where mine was). Your vote will not count unless you respond to this e-mail! Vote now! Voting Ends 4/8.

I’ve already used e-mail to invite those of you who subscribe to this blog, and I know many of you have already voted. Quite a few of you left really kind responses and I appreciate each of them. I think we have something special going here and I’d love to see it build to even bigger things. This can help. Have a great weekend, everybody.