Visit Knoxville Makes an Urban Guy Video

Paige Travis with Bob Deck, Co-hosting Tennessee Shines, Knoxville, December 2012
Paige Travis with Bob Deck, Co-hosting Tennessee Shines, Knoxville, December 2012

I can agree with the Grateful Dead: It’s been a long, strange trip. Just over three years ago Urban Woman and I moved to the center city. With some anxiety about the unknowns involved, we took a different course. I could not have predicted the specific contours of our new venture and I had no idea what a blog might be. A lot happened in the next three years, most of it documented on this site.

As the blog has grown in readership, I’ve met some absolutely phenomenal people. One of those people is Paige Travis who co-produces and co-hosts the Tennessee Shines concert series as well as working with Visit Knoxville to produce a series of videos promoting our city. She’s also worked in social media for Metropulse, AC Entertainment and Knox Ivi.

She asked me if I’d be willing to be have a video made of me talking about Knoxville and I jumped at the chance to talk about the city that I love. I met her on a delightful autumn afternoon and we talked, walked and drank (coffee) up and down Union Avenue for more than an hour, spending time in two of my favorite places, Union Avenue Books and Coffee and Chocolate. Brent Collier shot the footage and edited the piece. I’d met Brent when his very cool home in the  Old City (which is now for sale) was featured on the Knoxville Home Tour. So it felt like family and isn’t that the way it usually works around here?

I’m happy with the product. Obviously, I could find some quirks and physical anomalies about which to be self-conscious, but I’ll just say I think Brent captured my love for the city and that’s good enough, for me. The camera does add fifteen years, but otherwise, it’s me. Thanks to those guys for the work they are doing and I’m starting to think Visit Knoxville may be growing into what we’d hoped it could become.

The video is also on their site as well as on Youtube, but I’ve included it below for your viewing pleasure. You  might want to visit their site to see some of the other people they’ve featured, so far. So, I hope you enjoy my video. Meanwhile, I’m waiting to see what surprises the city hands me next.

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