Vote. Just Vote.

Urban Fairy Girl Votes Early

I voted early. The great folks at the City County Building made it very easy, with several days of voting including Saturday and extended hours last week which went until, I believe, 8:00 PM, Monday through Wednesday. I’m not sure what the objection could be to early voting. It’s easy, simple, less crowded and just ask a few people in New Jersey if they wish they’d voted early. You just never know what might happen.

Early Voting at the City/County Building, Knoxville, October 2012
Early Voting at the City/County Building, Knoxville, October 2012

It seems to me unfortunate that we’ve been divided neatly into red and blue swatches and, given the electoral college, one could decline to vote suggesting that it doesn’t matter. Tennessee will go for Romney, so what difference does it make which candidate I support or whether I make the effort to go to the polls? While I find it frustrating, I still think it means something to cast a ballot.

“I’m running to vote!”
“Yes, that’s T-I-N-K-E-R-B-E-L-L.”

It matters for you to express your love for your country.  It matters to let children know that we believe in the country we are leaving to them. And it matters to show respect for those who have suffered for us to have this opportunity.

So vote. Exercise your privilege and your duty. Your vote does matter.

Urban Daughter and Urban Fairy Girl Celebrate Their Vote!