Images from the City, Fall 2012

Urban Girl and Bee, Market Square, Knoxville, Late Summer 2012

I take thousands of photographs each year of downtown Knoxville. It isn’t entirely unusual for me to take more than a thousand in a month. Some of them die an ignoble death, as they deserve. Many live on in a post about something I’m documenting. And then, there are all the others.

Young, Mustached Hooper on Market Square, Knoxville, Late Summer 2012
Xylophone Guy and Good Parents, Market Square, Knoxville, Summer 2012
One of Many Recent, Beautiful Knoxville Sunsets, Summer 2012

These photographs deserve to see the light of day, but don’t necessarily fit a narrative I’m constructing about a certain event or idea I’ve considered. I think the captions pretty much explain them. I wish I remembered the name of the singers at the WDVX Blueplate Special. All I remember is that the couple smiled more than any entertainers I’ve ever seen in my life. I guess the fact that I can’t remember illustrates the riches we have in musical entertainment.

Urban Woman and Urban Friends Enjoy Coolato Gelato, Gay Street, Knoxville, Summer 2012
Urban Friend Trying on a Little Hair Styling at Rococo, Knoxville, Summer 2012
Duct Tape Design at Rococo, Seen from Below, Knoxville, Summer 2012

These pictures are from late summer or very early fall. I’ll have more posts like this very soon as I clean out the files and get ready for the Christmas and winter images to come. It turns out that of the people who land on my blog by searching, most are doing image searches, so I suspect some people will look at these pictures and never read the words, as I think is pretty common.

Urban Girl’s First Urban Bike Ride, Market Square, Knoxville, Summer 2012
Singer-Songwriter on Blue Plate Special, Knoxville Visitor’s Center, Summer 2012
Musicians at WDVX Blue Plate Special, Knoxville Visitor’s Center, Summer 2012
Music City Roots Bus, Union Avenue, Knoxville, Summer 2012

What about you? Do you typically read the words or are you a picture person? I guess the picture people will never know I asked the question! 🙂

Finally – A Downtown Spot Where Stacy is Welcome, Knoxville, Summer 2012