Quick Hit: Two Things You Need To Know Now!

Ciy People Tour of Homes 2012

I’m not about to start adding Saturday blog posts to my to-do list, but this just had to go out. Sadly those who haven’t subscribed to the blog (it’s to the right of this post) will miss this until it’s too late.

First, one of my absolute favorite events is happening tomorrow: The City People Downtown Home Tours 2012. Urban Woman and I have attended these for years and always enjoy seeing how many different styles of homes and decorating exist in this tiny piece of earth. Like many others, the home tour is what really made us consider making the urban move. You can pick up tickets here or on site. Advanced tickets are $10.00 and day-of tickets are $15.

Tupelo Honey, Two Days Before Opening, Market Square, Knoxville, 2012

The other big event is the long awaited opening of Tupelo Honey at 1 Market Square. It seems like about a hundred years ago that the rumors started and nearly that long since it was announced as a done-deal. Now it will finally become a reality – on Monday, October 15. I’ve never been to the one in Asheville, so I’m really curious. Look for me there Monday evening!