Knoxville Photographs in Search of a Blog: June 2012

Market Square from the Preservation Pub Rooftop, Knoxville, June 2012

Here are a few photographs that I liked or found interesting, but I never quite found the right blog topic to which they needed to be wed. Some of them come with a story and others baffle me, but I don’t like to see them disappear forever without getting a bit of a viewing.

Young Woman on Market Square, Knoxville, May 2012

The first four are taken at Market Square. I always love the view from Preservation Pub’s rooftop, but I never really feel I get a photograph that does it justice. I’ll keep trying on that front. The girl in pink has been pictured on this blog before, but this photo was still floating about.

Army Rock Band, Market Square, Knoxville, June 2012

The army band really rocked. We listened to a good bit of their set one night from the outdoor seating at Bella Luna and really had a great time. It was mostly classic rock, but the juxtaposition of the band members dancing and prancing like rock star with the uniforms they wore boggled the mind a bit. I guess I think of military as stiff and precise, not rocking and random. They also got bonus points for playing the Allman Brothers most recent CD as their pre-show music. It really is an excellent disc.

Cabs lined up on Union Avenue, Knoxville, June 2012

The taxis lined up on Union Avenue beside Market Square serve as a clear reminder of how far we’ve come downtown. If I remember correctly, I snapped this picture because it wasn’t an event night and still they lined up. It’s also fun to see Abba Cab. If you missed the eighties that probably doesn’t mean anything to you.

Baptist Hospital, Knoxville, June 2012
Sunsphere at Sunset, Knoxville, June 2012
River House Condos, W. Hill Avenue, Knoxville, June 2012

The next five I took on a late afternoon/ early evening walk.I took the photograph of Baptist Hospital because i noticed smoke coming from a smoke stack on its roof. Is it empty? Who is burning something? While in that same vicinity I noticed the beautiful sky behind the Sunsphere and tried to capture that. Some buildings just call my name and the River House Condos (1929) and Church Street United Methodist (1931) certainly fit that bill. I love to look at them in different light and different times of the year.

Church Street United Methodist Church, Knoxville, June 2012
Church Street United Methodist Church, Knoxville, June 2012

Finally, we’ll do a little night grouping. I shot the two of the car almost from the hip as I saw it approaching one night on my way home. Those of you who have seen “Midnight in Paris” (recommended) will identify with the slightly spooky feeling I had as it approached. I almost expected the door to open and Ernest Hemingway to demand that I get in the car and stop wasting time.

Old Car at Night, Knoxville, June 2012
Old Car at Night, Knoxville, June 2012

The night skyline shot of the city came on the night the moon was supposed to be the largest when viewed from earth that it had been in a million or so years. When I climbed the Locust Street Garage to get a view, I found it “Obscured by Clouds” (Pink Floyd reference in case you missed the 70s). Still, I liked the photograph, so there you go. I’ll have another round tomorrow.

Knoxville Skyline at Night, June 2012