A Beautiful Gay Street Building Changes Hands!

Arcade Building, 618 South Gay, Knoxville, March 2012

There are so many beautiful buildings on Gay Street that is sometimes easy for one to be overlooked. When passing the 600 block of South  Gay Street, for example, what do you see? Probably the phenomenal Tennessee Theatre. Particularly after its renovations a few years ago, it is a beautiful sight. But there are other buildings on that block beside the Burwell which houses the theater. They are smaller, but some are also beautiful.

600 Block of Gay Street, Knoxville

Yesterday afternoon, the Arcade Building, 618 South Gay Street, which is the third building down from the Burwell, sold to Kevin and Melinda Grimac. Built in 1924, this is one of the most beautiful and unique buildings on Gay Street with its striking marble and copper facade setting it clearly apart from its brick and mortar neighbors. From the street, it appears to be a two story building but, in fact, it is much larger.

Private Gated Garden Entrance at the rear of the Arcade Building, Knoxville

Behind the building and included with the property is a courtyard which contains thirteen parking spaces in a private, gated lot. Parking privileges are negotiable for prospective tenants. The angle of the hill going down from Gay Street allows for direct access to garden-level floor which includes, in addition to storage and electrical support for the building, garden-level office suites.

Kevin and Melinda Grimac, New Owners

Just above the garden-level is the street-level or 1st floor with it’s beautiful entrance from Gay Street. Corinthian columns carved from Tennessee marble and an inscription with the building’s name above the door, along with aged copper panels bearing a gorgeous patina make this address unique even on a street filled with special buildings.

Interior First Floor Hallway, Arcade Building, Knoxville

The interior hallway runs the entire length of the building and features polished marble floors. Along each side of the corridor, greeting rooms open into offices which could be leased as singly or as suites. Retail space is planned for the front, south side, of this floor (watch for a very exciting announcement in this space, soon).

Interior Detail, First Floor of the Arcade Building, Knoxville

View of Ceiling from First Floor, Arcade Building

The ceiling above the interior hallway opens to skylights two floors above, allowing beautiful light into the long corridor. Greenery drapes over the the openings adding a delicate softness to the sunlight and marble. While the building is beautiful as is, the Grimacs plan to revitalize it with new paint, flooring, landscaping and some re-arrangement of the interior space, accommodating requests of potential tenants. The Grimacs are also interested in applying energy efficient updates to the eighty-eight-year-old building.

Second Floor, Arcade Building, 618 South Gay, Knoxville

Second Floor, Arcade Building, 618 South Gay, Knoxville

View of Sky Lights from Second Floor, Arcade Building, Knoxville

The second floor also currently contains office suites along each side of the building with an open view to the lower floor in the center and beautiful direct sunlight from above. The south side of this floor will be converted to approximately 2700 square feet of living space and will be occupied by the owners. The home will afford three bedrooms and a beautiful view of Gay Street.

Finally, out of view from ground level, a penthouse suite holds the law office of prominent Knoxville attorney Gregory P. Isaacs, who will continue to maintain his current address.

Arcade Building with The Oarsman in Foreground, Knoxville, March 2012

So, a great place just got a little better and more is to come. Much of the 15,000+ sq. feet of office space is available immediately at this premium Gay Street location. If you’d like more information about this special space, contact Melinda Grimac at 356-4178.

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