Sort of a Post/Tweet and a Clue about a Cool New Business

Market Square ready for St. Patrick’s Day

I don’t normally throw anything out on a Saturday, but a couple of things caught my attention that I thought I’d mention in short form. There are two events running downtown tonight in connection with St. Patrick’s Day. Live music and men in skirts will be featured on Market Square, along with the usual face-painting and beer sales, etc. Ian Thomas is singing and I really think he has one of the best voices in town. Cutthroat Shamrock is also playing, and while they aren’t my usual cup of tea, maybe they would be yours.

Pub Crawl starts in the Old City

There is also a pub crawl running from the Old City to Gay Street and back. Eight dollars gets you into nine bars and I guess that must be pretty Irish.

Finally, on this beautiful Saturday, I will tell you that I have big news for a cool new business that I’ll report on Monday. Very exciting. Here’s a clue:

“On Gay Street the traffic lights are stilled. The trollyrails gleam in their beds and a late car passes with a long slish of tires. In the long arcade of the bus station footfalls come back like laughter. He marches darkly toward his darkly marching shape in the glass of the depot door. His fetch come up from life’s other side like an autoscopic hallucination, Suttree and Antisuttree, hand reaching to the hand.”

Check back on Monday.