Dirty Guv’nah’s, Scott Miller, Preservation Pub and Homegrown

James Tremble, Chris Doody and Scott Miller, Preservation Pub, Knoxville

I’ve got enough material to go back to seven days a week, but barely enough time between events to blog about it. I’m going to delay the more recent events of the weekend and the meetings I attended last night. I’ve spent the last couple of blog posts on the serious workings of downtown and the city and it seems like a good time to liven things up a bit and talk about something completely fun.

James Tremble, Chris Doody and Scott Miller, Preservation Pub

James Tremble, Chris Doody and Scott Miller, Preservation Pub

Last Wednesday night I attended the inaugural Preservation Pub broadcast of the i105 Homegrown series which highlights local musicians. The radio station has sponsored the program for sometime and I’ve written about some prior broadcasts from the Disc Exchange. I love the Disc Exchange, but listening to live music there is difficult. There is no seating and very few good spots for standing with a view of the stage. Those problems were eliminated at the Preservation Pub Speakeasy, the recently added, smoke-free second floor of the bar. The stage is much more spacious, the acoustics excellent and plenty of seats with a view line the wall and center the room.

James Tremble, Chris Doody and Scott Miller

Crowd at the Preservation Pub Speakeasy, John Shaft Presiding

It’s hard to imagine a better choice for the inaugural music than James Tremble and Chris Doody, members of the Dirty Guv’nahs, along with Scott Miller. Or you could reverse that billing. Both acts have ardent Knoxville followings and an excellent catalog to bring out for such an occasion. They also have a show coming up next week at the Tennessee Theatre and I think tickets are still available for what will be a triumphal concert as the Guv’nahs headline the Tennessee for the first time. It’s hard to imagine seeing them at Barley’s with a couple dozen others just a few short years ago.

Chris Doody on harmonica, James Tremble and Scott Miller

James Tremble, Chris Doody and Scott Miller, Preservation Pub

They each did a few of the more prominent songs from their respective catalogs such as Blue Rose Stroll (Guv’nahs) and I Made A Mess Of This Town (Scott Miller). James opted for one cover and Scott pulled out a song about Tennessee of which, unfortunately, I can’t recall the title. It featured harmonies by James and Chris and brought the house down. I took it to be a new song but it was definitely a reminder of the strength of his song-writing. All of the songs and performances sparkled and the crowd responded. It was a great night.

Scott Miller sings backed by James Tremble and Chris Doody
James Tremble, Chris Doody and Scott Miller, Preservation Pub

In between songs Joe, a DJ from the station, interviewed the musicians and gave them room to display their considerable wit. James used the opportunity to offer the band’s old van as a free giveaway while Scott summed up his current life in droll style by saying he “writes songs, records songs and plays songs. It’s almost like a cottage industry.”

James offers the van as a giveaway

The series is weekly and will be broadcast each Wednesday at 6:00 PM from the Speakeasy. It’s free, though the Pub would probably appreciate it if you selected a cold beverage to sip while you listen. This week will be a strong follow-up with Jay Clark taking the stage. Support local music, Preservation Pub and a great radio station all in one stop. It’s hard to beat that.