Chickens on Market Square

Live Chicken, Market Square, Knoxville

When was the last time live chickens could be seen on Market Square? It sounds like a question perfectly suited for Jack Neely. I’m not sure when that historic event happened, but I was there recently when at least one live chicken and a host of yellow-clad wannabes showed up.

Erin, Russell, Freddy-the-Chicken and many yellow-clad dancers

The Corporate types rally the innocents.

The entire event, of course was a promotional stunt to launch a website coupon service similar to Groupon or Livingsocial. DealChicken is a new entry into the sweepstakes and our local affiliate on the Square, WBIR, televised their event. I’m not sure when the local “news” channel became the local news, entertainment and promotional channel, but it seems that what they’ve all become. I guess it’s better than the version of the “news” that involves intolerant people shouting slogans at one another. But I digress.

Urban Dad, Urban Toddler and Todd Howell

It was a fun and colorful event with cute children all around. They kept playing that awful “Chicken Dance” song over and over again. I was determined to blog for you good people, so I endured. One highlight was that Urban Dad and Urban Toddler got their picture taken with her personal hero: Todd Howell. She has to say goodnight to him every night on the television before she goes to bed (early news).

I’m not sure if she sang or talked, but she was a cutie.

Erin Donovan and Russel Biven hammed it up with the crowd and the children. Freddy from WDVX was there with his chicken outfit and, of course, there was the aforementioned live poultry participant.

Cynthia Tweets a Chicken! What New York City Tweeter can top that?

One of the funny moments for me was blogging about the event while a fellow blogger (hey Cynthia) tweeted the event. So I took her picture meaning I blogged her while she tweeted me blogging her. She apparently twits a mean tweet (I made that up – is that right?) and has been nominated for best tweeter on, so you might want to go vote for her. Now you’ve seen her in action!

The actual dance finally arrived: Chicken Dancers on Market Square!

Too Cute

I’ll leave you with a great video to keep you going through the day. Yes, the “Chicken Song” is probably the best song ever written, but even that’s not cool enough for my discerning readers. In the video below, I’ve upped the ante with those perennial groovy cats and chicks (get it?) from the Lawrence Welk Show! Check out these babes shaking their tail feathers to the pounding beat of the accordion! A one, a two . . .