Urban Mystery Picture #3

Well, for two weeks in a row the Urban Mystery Picture has been identified within hours of its posting. Will that be the case for a third week in a row? After this group of pictures runs its course we may have to ratchet up the difficulty level to make things a little more interesting.

So, on to the winner and to this week’s challenge. First, here are last week’s pictures. There were two of the same location:

Congratulations goes out to Chad Boetger who correctly identified the location as “The Tattoo parlor on Clinch in the Union Avenue Parking Garage.” He recognized it because he had a hand in its development and construction. Of course, the garage in question is technically named the Locust Street Garage. The business outside which these lovely chairs often perch is the Ace High Tattoo Parlor at 535 W. Clinch.

Chad Boetger, Week Two Winner

 Chad also made an interesting point, which actually sounded like more of a challenge. Both he and David, the winner of the inaugural Urban Mystery Picture contest live in the Holston Building. He wondered if, in fact, there might not be a Holston Building Dynasty in the works. Are the rest of you going to stand for that?

Here’s your chance to stop the Holston Express. Remember, leave your guess in the comments below and e-mail me at KnoxvilleUrbanGuy@gmail.com. Good luck. Here’s this week’s Urban Mystery Picture:
Urban Mystery Picture #3