The Innaugural Urban Mystery Picture

I’m going to give a shot at a contest, of sorts. We’ll run this on Saturdays for a while and see just how well the Urban Blues community knows downtown Knoxville. I have to confess that I think I’m learning it pretty well by writing this blog and I’m sure without pounding the pavement I would not be able to win, but you are probably much smarter than I’ll ever be, so let’s see how you can do.

Kevin – Urban Mystery Originator and Photographer

Credit for the idea and the photos goes to my friend Kevin. So, now that you know the mastermind and photographer, let’s get with it. I’ve posted a photograph below and the challenge is to be the first to identify the precise location in downtown Knoxville where the photograph was taken. Each Saturday (until we run out of photographs or interest – probably whichever comes last) we’ll post the winner’s name and, let’s go big-time, I’ll also post a photograph of the winner if you want to send me one. You can be as famous as you want to be.

To enter, you need to do two things. First, comment below the photograph stating specifically where the photograph was taken. Next, email me at with your answer. The first will give us a record of precisely when guesses were submitted and the second will allow me to contact you know if you won and ask if you want your name and/or picture on the blog.

Got it? Ok. Here’s the first picture. Good luck.

Urban Mystery Photograph #1